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My Top 5 Orlando Moments

As I currently write this I am snuggled up under a blanket in my comfiest clothes, with the rain beating down on our windows and the wind lashing around outside. We’ve been out shopping today and it rained the entire time, that horrible drizzle that means the day feels like it hasn’t really ever got light, where it stays a permanent grey, bleak colour, and where you wish more than anything for some sun on your shoulders.

I’m definitely someone who is affected by the weather. Like a lot of people, I am just genuinely happy when the sun is shining, when the days are longer, when there is some light in the house and we don’t constantly feel like we are living in a cave. Part of me loves the fact that you can cosy down in winter, light the candles and enjoy the comfort of your own home, but as soon as christmas is out the way, I start to yearn for spring and the warmer months.

I’m not alone in feeling this. Today is Blue Monday, a day coined by the media as one of the trickiest of the year, where we all feel a bit fed up of the weather, the fact that we have had to tighten our belts since christmas, low motivational levels and the fact that we could potentially be failing our new year goals. Indeed apparently January is the most popular time to look at and book a holiday, and we have in fact done this ourselves in the past- to give us something to look forward to in the coming months and to have something to dream about while we stare out the window at yet more rain.

To cheer myself up over the fact it is Blue Monday, I thought I would share my five favourite Orlando moments from our holiday with Visit Orlando. It was really hard to choose five, in fact I could have used any single one of my photos. Even seeing them makes me smile and reminisce a lot, and also makes me wish more than anything I could be back there…

hollywoodstudios_oct_16_z Look at that sunshine. We were at Hollywood Studios and it was late afternoon and the sun was setting, but it was still so warm. We had just been on the Toy Story Midway Mania ride for the fourth time because the girls loved it so much, and as we were walking towards our next ride, The Tower of Terror we stopped to take some photos. Mads is at a stage where she either really doesn’t respond well to having her photo taken, or she will absolutely love it and want to take loads. Luckily this was one of the latter and I let Jon snap away while we cuddled. I love these photos and looking at that beautiful sunshine in the background is making me crave some warm weather. I think when I think of our Orlando holiday this will be one of the photos that I will always remember.

magic_kingdom_2016_c Disney, especially Magic Kingdom, is intense and a long day, especially if you stay for the fireworks, therefore it is important to have a little downtime. After having lunch at The Crystal Palace, where we met Winnie the Pooh and friends, we weren’t quite ready to go on another ride or meet another character so we sat down on a little grassy area and chilled out for a bit. The iconic castle was in the front of us, and I took these photos. We actually had to hold our baby boy in place as he wasn’t quite sitting up at that stage, but I still love this photo so much. After I had taken the photo I sat back in the sun while they all played and I got tears in my eyes. I felt so lucky to be there at that moment, and so grateful. It is a moment I will remember forever.

360i_orlando_2016_g One day we went to the new I-drive 360 venue, which houses the the Orlando Eye amongst other things, but which is also just a nice place to relax and spend an afternoon. It was so hot and after coming off The Eye we spent some time wandering around, having an ice cream and just generally having fun. The girls were being silly and sat down on the floor and I took this photo- it makes me smile because they both look so happy. It was a really chilled out and fun afternoon.

magic_kingdom_2016_m This photo was taken during our day at Magic Kingdom. We went on Splash Mountain, one of Disney’s iconic rides, a water ride with lots of twists and turns. LL hadn’t been sure about it before we went on, but as soon as we went on she loved it. It’s quite a long ride, there’s lots of calm cruising along before the thrill dips, and the girls were chatting away non stop. Every time we went down a dip they literally squealed with laughter and their smiles were so incredibly wide. They loved every second and I will always remember their little squeals and shrieks of happiness. In fact they went on straight afterwards with Jon. That’s what Orlando is all about, making memories with your family.

random_orlando_16_zgThis photo was taken at Disney Springs, where we went one evening for dinner and a wander about. I had been wanting to try a Sprinkles cupcake from their iconic ATM for years, so I was so excited to find that one at opened up at Disney Springs. It was one of those lovely afternoons- the sun was beating down on our shoulders, the girls were being as good as gold and we watched the sunset over the lake. Again it was just one of those moments that I will always remember- I had so many of those moments during our holiday to Orlando.


NB: Thanks to Visit Orlando for supporting our incredible trip to Orlando, we had the best time. All words, photos, videos and opinions are entirely my own. You can follow them over on twitterinstagram and Facebook.


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