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A Day Trip to the Suffolk Coast- Snape Maltings & Aldeburgh

Every time we go somewhere new in the UK, Mr E and I always have the conversation as to why we live where we do. Don’t get me wrong, our area is nice enough, plus it is where my family are which is very important and one big reason why we don’t up sticks and move, but there are so many absolutely beautiful places on this little island of ours. We love to explore it and find places we haven’t been to before. And whenever I dream of places to live you can guarantee that it will feature a beach and a little seaside town.

A couple of weekends ago we went on an impromptu day trip adventure to The Suffolk Coast. Having been to Suffolk a couple of times before as it is only a 2 hour drive or so from us, we already knew that there were lots of fun things to do together, so we were excited to try a couple of new places we hadn’t been to before. We woke up bright and early, pleased to see the sun was shining, and headed off around 8am- no mean feet with three small children let me tell you!

The first stop on our day out was to a beautiful little place called Snape, more specifically to Snape Maltings. It is hard to describe exactly what Snape Maltings is, but it is basically a little complex of shops, art galleries, restaurants and cafes, all set in some absolutely stunning brick buildings. I had never been anywhere like it before and we really loved the time we spent there. We pottered around for a good few hours, going on a river trip which the girls thought was the best thing ever (the captain even let them steer the boat which made them giddy with excitement!), before spending time looking round the little pop up antiques market and eating wood fired pizza from a little stall for lunch.

suffolk_coast_2 suffolk_coast_3 suffolk_coast_4 suffolk_coast_5 suffolk_coast_6 suffolk_coast_7 They loved spending time on the boat having a tour of the river by Waveney River Tours. In all honesty there wasn’t a great deal to see, although the Suffolk countryside is beautiful, but the chirpy captain telling stories, plus the excitement of being on a boat made it a worthwhile trip nether less. It only cost a few pounds each and is definitely worth doing if you visit Snape as children will love it. I had to include all of three photos of my little boy as I love every single one.

suffolk_coast_9 suffolk_coast_10 suffolk_coast_11 suffolk_coast_12 suffolk_coast_13 suffolk_coast_14 suffolk_coast_15 suffolk_coast_16 suffolk_coast_17 suffolk_coast_8

After our boat trip and eating our delicious pizza (from a pop up stall called The Mobile Pizza Co which I just had to mention as it was SO good!) we headed off for a sit down and an explore of the Snape Maltings countryside. The girls loved running along the little board walk and it was a perfect place for taking some photos. There was a big sculpture there that they enjoyed climbing on, along with every other child there it seems. 😉

aldeburgh_2 aldeburgh_1

Once we had enjoyed a bit more time at Snape, we jumped back in the car and headed down the road to Aldeburgh. Aldeburgh is a gorgeous little traditional seaside town. We had a wander round the town itself and were shocked to see that the queue for fish and chips at the two main fish and chip shops were honestly queuing out the door and half way down the road. Good job we had eaten- they are obviously good fish and chips! We loved looking at the pretty, quaint seaside houses.

suffolk_coast_18 suffolk_coast_19 suffolk_coast_20 suffolk_coast_21 suffolk_coast_22

We then had a walk down to Aldeburgh beach which is a pebbly beach, so no making sandcastles but lots of glorious throwing of stones into the sea (it never gets old!).

suffolk_coast_25 suffolk_coast_26 suffolk_coast_27 suffolk_coast_28

I love this photo of myself and the girls- we are all looking at the camera and smiling which is always a bonus!


This is the ‘Scallop’ sculpture, designed by Maggi Hambling which makes quite a impressive sight sat there on the sea front. The sculpture is inscribed with the words “I hear those voices that will not be drowned” from Benjamin Britten’s famous opera Grimes. If I am honest I didn’t know much about him, but there was something about the words and the imposing sculpture that I found quite poetic and haunting. We stayed there for ages just sitting by it and letting the girls run around.


Next stop was for dinner to The White Lion Bar & Brasserie right opposite the beach. We sat in a window seat and watched the world go by, all while eating delicious locally produced food. We started by sharing a delicious sharing charcuterie board, before I had a burger and Mr E had fish and chips. We really enjoyed the food and the lovely setting in the brasserie, while the girls enjoyed the mammoth ice creams they were presented with after eating all their main course!

suffolk_coast_29 suffolk_coast_1suffolk_coast_30 suffolk_coast_31 suffolk_coast_32

Finally we headed back to the beach, but not before stopping back at the car to get the girls into their PJ’s and also grabbing the kite. We knew that we might be there quite late so I was organised and bought their pyjamas so we could pop them in them ready to make the long journey home if we did decide to stay a bit later. They were so excited to randomly be putting them on to go on the beach and to be staying late. My Grandpa bought them this cheap kite from Lidl a couple of weeks ago and they absolutely love it, it has to come everywhere with us. We spent a good hour on the beach, playing with the kite while the sun set around us.

We stayed until about 8pm, before bundling three super tired little people into the car and heading on our 2 and a half-hour journey home. We all had such a lovely day, Suffolk is such a beautiful part of the world. It was one of those ones where you just enjoy each others company and as we drove home we commented that we wondered if it would be one of those days which the girls will remember in years to come. I know that I remember days like that from my own childhood- ones where you enjoyed simple pleasures, like being outdoors, and when you just went with the flow and put your PJ’s on and stayed up till way past bedtime.

They always seemed like the greatest adventures. And judging by three small children who all fell asleep before we had even left Aldeburgh itself, I definitely think they would agree.


Here is a little video I made of our day…


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