Travel • July 28, 2016

A Sunset Beach Trip- Port D’Alcudia Beach…

I have been posting about our recent holiday to Majorca for a couple of weeks now and I have finished writing all about the lovely time we had. However when I was going through my photos I found that I had a lot of one particular evening. We had eaten dinner at our hotel and gone down to the nearby Port D’Alcudia beach to have a stroll/play in the sand. The beach was a secluded bay and as a result the water was so calm and shallow, while the sand was so white and soft. I didn’t realise at the time but I had so many photos from that evening that I liked.

I don’t know if it is the same for any one else but sometimes I will take photos and I end up not particularly liking any of them. It’s really hard to take photos of children, especially three of them nowadays and then you add in two adults who don’t particularly like the camera either. But I loved all of these photos that we took down on the beach that evening. The sunset, the golden light, the happy smiles. I even like the photos of myself and that rarely happens because I have a habit of looking like someone has slapped me with a wet fish in most photos!

So I thought I would share them all. This particularly evening is one of my most favourite memories of our trip and looking back at them makes me get goosebumps.

majorca_16_zl majorca_16_zn majorca_16_zo majorca_16_zp majorca_16_zq majorca_16_zr majorca_16_zs majorca_16_zt majorca_16_zu majorca_16_zv majorca_16_zw majorca_16_zx majorca_16_zy majorca_16_zz majorca_16_zzamajorca_16_zzzf majorca_16_zzzh

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