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Stockholm with Kids- Part Two

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the first part of our wonderful trip to Stockholm at the start of July, but due to my blog redesign taking up lots of my time, I am only just writing about the second part. You can head over to the first post to see what we got up to on the Thursday and Friday.


We woke up on Saturday to find that thankfully it was dry and there was even sporadic sunshine, which was nice after our wet and soggy day the previous day. The first part of the morning was spent on the Royal Canal boat tour where we got to explore more of beautiful Stockholm by boat.


Here they are waiting for the boat. It took just under an hour and was a highlight of the trip for us. Stockholm is definitely best explored by water. The girls loved it too and both myself and Mr E really enjoyed listening to the audio tour. We also joked that you know you are getting old when you enjoy the audio guides.


Beautiful colourful Stockholm as seen by boat. We loved all the old buildings, they were so diverse and interesting.



































It’s a bit blurry but the Captain snapped a photo of the four of us on my iPhone.


After the boat tour we headed back over to the Djurgården area of the city which we had been to the previous day, this time to go to Grona Lund– a super cool, cute and kitsch looking theme park overlooking the water. I was desperate to go on the ‘Eclipse’ which are the highest swings in Europe at 400 feet.


I love this photo Mr E managed to capture on his phone. It was worth it for the beautiful views of the city. Grona Lund is definitely worth going to, there’s so much to do there for the whole family and it really reminds me of an old fashioned fairground with some modern rides too. We had waffles for lunch overlooking the water.


After a good few hours over at Grona Lund we headed back on the Slussen ferry to take us back over to the Old Town area of the city. The ferry’s are just so convenient and literally like hopping on the tube or on a bus. We found this quiet cobbled street on our way to the next place we wanted to visit and thought we would take some photos.


I love this one of my crazies.


A slightly more normal one too.


My sisters.


The Swedish people are so friendly and often made a remark about our two girls, or gave us a knowing smile when they were racing about causing mischief. Stockholm is definitely one of the most child friendly cities we have been to.


I had seen about Monteliusvagen on the Visit Stockholm instagram page (which is beautiful by the way- full of hidden gems of the city) and I knew I wanted to go there. It’s basically just a viewing point of the city, but it really does give some tremendous views.


The views were breathtaking and we stayed up there for ages just soaking it all in.


A kind man offered to take a photo of us all as he saw me snapping away (and we bonded over camera lens geek talk!) but sadly it was a bit of a fail of a family shot- LL wouldn’t even look at the camera as she had just woken up, and my face of course is just lovely!


Still grumpy LL?


Mads taking in the views and checking out some of the padlocks that had been left there similar to the love bridge in Paris.


It was a fair walk back to our hotel which was situated near Stureplan Square in the Ostermalm area of the city, but as it was such a lovely evening we walked back. We stopped for a bit of a rest in one of the many squares overlooking the water and I took this photo which I just love.


My favourite three. I know that sometimes people feel daunted or put off by going on a city break with young children but I couldn’t recommend it enough. You get to see a whole new perspective on a city and in my opinion really get to experience the best of it. After our walk it was straight to bed with two very tired little girls who fell asleep almost instantly.



We were due to be flying home on the Sunday, but not until ten PM in the evening. I must admit we were a little bit nervous about such a long day with the girls but we didn’t want to miss out on any time in Stockholm and Ryanair only flew early in the morning or late at night from Stavska airport. We decided to have a wander about and randomly stumbled on these super colourful stairs.


I adore this photo of them. These rather instagramable stairs are situated by Hotorget square, which is well worth a visit as on every day of the week there is a large and colourful vegetable market, bar Sunday’s when there is a flea market.


If you can prise yourselves away from taking photos of the stairs, then they actually lead to Hotorgsterrasen which is a rather cool outside roof terrace of street food trucks all together. (it must have been a mission to get them up there!) It was a great little find and really reasonably priced.


I touched on this in my last post but we were a little daunted as to what the prices were going to be like to eat and drink in Stockholm, as after all it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world. But we were pleasantly surprised- there are so many low budget, cool eateries that you can find. As you can tell we were delighted to stumble upon the hidden treasure of Hotorgsterrasen.


My babas and I- I think LL looks so grown up in this photo.


Mr E had seen a cool tunnel when he was looking on instagram so we decided to head and find it, it was just round the corner from Hotorgsterrasen. In fact, 90 out of the 100 subways in Stockholm are decorated by local artists and it’s said to be the world’s longest art gallery. I wish we had time to go and find more.


We then headed to one of Stockholm’s many parks and open spaces to let the girls release some energy as we knew we had a long evening ahead of us. We headed back to Djurgården island but headed further into the green spaces. I think that’s the true beauty of Stockholm- the amount of green space and water there is. We saw a fair few people swimming in the middle of city canals, apparently this is really common and we wish we had bought our cossies. We stayed at Djurgården for a few hours before heading back on the bus to the airport. Surprisingly considering the time of our flight the girls were just brilliant.

Overall our trip to Stockholm was just fantastic. It’s a beautiful city and we didn’t feel like we had even scratched the surface after a few days. When we went to Amsterdam last year, we absolutely loved it, but felt like we had come away seeing most of the things we wanted to see. But with Stockholm there are still so many things we want to explore.

It’s a real family friendly city, absolutely stunning and colourful, and despite what many people say, it really isn’t that expensive. I am sure that it is if you go to certain places, but buying things from the 7 eleven shops and going to budget more street food kind of places meant that we really didn’t think it was that expensive at all. A little tip- the 7 elevens are the only sort of small supermarket/newsagent places in the city and you can’t buy alcohol from them- you can only get alcohol from specialist shops called Systembolaget. These have funny opening times as well so if you want to have a glass of wine in your hotel room once the kids have gone to sleep you definitely need to plan ahead.

We loved our time in Stockholm, it truly is one of the most beautiful cities we have been to and we loved exploring it with our girls. It has been on one of my Top 5 lists of places to visit for as long as I can remember and it certainly didn’t disappoint. We will definitely go back sometime in the future to explore even more.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is a little video of our time in Stockholm…

NB: Visit Stockholm very kindly invited us to Stockholm and gave us Stockholm Cards which entitled us to free entry to a lot of attractions plus free transport around the city. They also gave us complimentary accomodation, all flights and other costs were paid for by us. 

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