Travel • June 25, 2012

Our Holiday to Spain- Part One

The thing about holidays is that the second those wheels touch down on to the tarmac it feels like you have never been away.  You get back home to a mountain of washing, a house to tidy and unpaid bills to pay, and it feels like it was a million years ago that you were sitting at the beach, sipping cocktails and chatting outside on the balcony till the early hours.

I was apprehensive about going on holiday- mainly for the fact that it was our first time abroad with Mads.  Little things made me nervous- her sleep routine, the marble stairs in our apartment and having to keep our eyes on her every single second.  Not to mention sun burn, the food and the fact that she might not be able to cope with the heat.

I need not have worried.

From the moment we set foot on our plane a week ago last Wednesday, Mads was an absolute credit to her Mummy and Daddy.  She fell asleep in Daddy’s arms for most of the flight, only waking to play ‘boo’ with an old couple behind us who fell in love with her.

She slept exactly the same as she did at home- 12 hours a night, even though she was in the room with us.  She had long two hour afternoon naps, meaning we could get in some valuable sun tanning/book reading time.

She ate lots, albeit a lot of rubbish and learnt to completely feed herself over the course of the week.  Perfect as it meant that my beige carpet didn’t get a battering in the messy transitional stage.  She wasn’t bothered by even attempting to climb the marble stairs and she kept by us at all times, not even trying to run off.

She was a pleasure to be with and we were so proud of her for not letting the heat or the change of routine get to her.  In fact the holiday could not have run much smoother and we had a great time with our friends.  A love affair has truly blossomed between Mads and her little friend H.

I took a mountain load of photo’s, but here is a few snapshots to help preserve the very happy memories of our first proper in a plane holiday as a family.  I have split them into two posts so will publish the next ones another day.

I am so lucky to be able to have been away with my lovely little pair.

daddysatsea daddymadsstandingbeach




madsmummyhols mejohols









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