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Our Holiday to Rhodes 2015- Mark Warner Levante Beach Hotel- Part Two…

I love writing these posts and thinking back to our holiday to Rhodes. Although it was only a couple of weeks ago, our tans are already fading, our holiday clothes have been washed, ironed (thanks Mum!) and returned to their respective wardrobes, and we are back in our same old routine. But it’s great to look through the photos and remember our special time at Levante Beach Hotel. If I close my eyes I can almost imagine the heat on my shoulders or that feeling of icy cold shivers when you first jumped in the pool, and the deliciously sweet smell of waffles cooking on the grill in the morning. And that’s exactly why we go on holiday- to make those memories that will last a lifetime.

Here is the second part of our holiday to Rhodes in (far too many) photos and another little video…

levante childcare a

I was so proud of my little girl as she decided she wanted to go kayaking with her Daddy. She looked so little sat there in the front but absolutely loved it and they were out on the water for ages.

levante 2015x

She took after her Mummy and sat there letting Mr E do all the work. Although I am guessing she is lighter than me. 😉

levante 2015 u

This crazy lady and I sat on the shore throwing stones and waving at them kayaking further and further away from us.

levante 2015 v

She loves sand, stones and generally making a mess! She’s also in her PJ’s in this picture as she woke up from her nap to go and watch Daddy and her sister. If a girl can’t wear her PJ’s down to the beach, when can she?

levante 2015 q

I often just sat for a few minutes and watched the Mark Warner boats. The watersports is a huge part of life at Levante and the waterfront team are so fun and nice. Everything is included in the price, unless you want private tuition. I tried my hand at paddle boarding and also went on an organised kayak safari. On the kayak safari we were meant to go to a nearby cove and do some snorkelling but sadly on the day we went it was so windy that we ended up having to be taken back in the safety boat as it was so hard paddling against the wind. I thought the safety boat was just as fun though!

levante 2015 y

Sharing a ‘cocktail’ together. I have the exact same photo of last year in the same spot.

levante 2015 z

So proud these babies are mine.

levante 2015 za

She asked every evening if we could go for a cocktail. We were on a half board basis at Levante meaning we paid extra for drinks. But the drinks prices are incredibly reasonable.

levante 2015 zb

My smiling, happy girl.

levante 2015 zh

Golden light again- I will never tire of taking these kind of photos.


We loved dropping the girls off at the evening film and childcare service and having dinner together, it was such a wonderful luxury. We didn’t keep them in for long, at the most two hours, but it was just enough time to eat our meal in peace, knowing the girls were having a whale of a time watching films and snuggling.

levante windsurfing

Mads windsurfing in the pool when I snuck up on her at one of her mini club sessions. I was so proud watching her doing things way out of her comfort zone and just like last year her time at Levante seemed to make her grow so much in confidence.

levante 2015 zi

I am the luckiest lady in the world to have these three.

levante 2015 zj

Every evening they wanted a ‘disco party’ on the lawn outside our hotel room.

levante 2015 zk

They were looking at each other’s knees and kissing each others ‘sores’ better.

levante 2015 zl

They do argue on and off (some days more than others) but they truly are the best of friends.

levante sunset 2015

The hotel has three restaurants- the main restaurant, the Pan Asian restaurant and the pool snack bar. For a small supplement you can eat in the Pan Asian restaurant by one of the pools which we did one night. The food was delicious- we had beef, mango and lime salad, spring rolls, crispy chicken and sweet and sour beef amongst other things. It was nice for a bit of a change from the buffet in the main restaurant and the view of the sun setting was gorgeous. (Which is also delicious!)

levante 2015 zo

I adore this photo taken one evening before we went out to dinner- Mr E was pretending to be a monkey in the background.

levante 2015 zp

Plus this one too. I love it when photos go according to plan and they give us genuinely happy smiles.

levante 2015 zw

 And this might be my new favourite of LL. She also seemed to grow up lots more while we were away too. I think we can all safely say Levante brings out the happiness in our family, look at those twinkly, sparkly eyes. It really is our happy place and we are so thankful that we found Mark Warner last year and that they invested in our family to make us ambassadors, plus I am glad we decided to book again for this year. I think we have found somewhere that we will hopefully return to year upon year.

Here is another little video of our time at Levante. It’s the last one I have made but I have one more post of photos coming up at some point too. (SO many photos!)

NB: Mark Warner were really fantastic and gave us a discount off our holiday as we were their ambassadors last year, but they haven’t asked me to write about our holiday, although of course I would have done anyway. (thank you MW!) They are also offering a discount to any of my readers who are interested in booking a holiday with them. It will run for two weeks and you need to quote KatieBlog50 when booking- the offer entitles you to a £50 discount per person excluding free child places. It can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer and Mark Warner booking conditions apply. You can find out more about amazing Levante and their other properties here.


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