Travel • July 7, 2014

Mark Warner Holiday Spam…

You may have noticed it has been a little quiet around these parts for the last week or so.  The reason for this is that we have been thousands of miles away in Rhodes on our first foreign holiday as a family of four.  We got back late Saturday night and have been drowning under a sea of dirty washing and unpacking.

I think it is going to be quite hard to put into words about just how much of an amazing time we had on our holiday to Levante Beach.  Of course we expected to have a great time, we were on holiday after all, but we had an intensely special week.  One that we will all remember for an incredibly long time.  Even as I type this I can feel tears pricking at the back of my eyes, perhaps a little of the post holiday blues that is inevitable when you return back to normality, but also because quite simply I am a little overwhelmed by just how much one holiday and place could capture my heart and define us as a family.

I kept my promise to myself and kept my phone off.  Bar going on to instagram to do the odd photo, I didn’t check my emails, read my tweets or look online at anything.  I completely switched off, we all did, and we really needed to.  We relaxed, we had new experiences, we made new friends and above all we reconnected as a family.  We have come away with sunkissed noses with emerging freckles, a couple extra pounds in weight from an over indulgence of waffles in the morning, and a whole host of memories that will give us goosebumps for a long time to come.

Of course, I took SO many photos and some video too.  Apologies but this little blog is going to be overtaken by holiday spam for the next week or so but I have just so much I want to record, share and remember.  I am going through and sifting through all the photos from my ‘big camera’, plus I want to actually write what we got up to, but in the meantime I wanted to share some of the photos from my iPhone.

Here is a snapshot of our holiday through the eyes of my phone…

1 swimming fun

Fun in the pool with LL who loved splashing about in her ring and a spot of relaxing (more about that in another post!)

1levante beach

The beautiful Levante Beach, looking gorgeous at sunrise.  I surprised myself by getting up and going to the gym four times, although it was so hot I didn’t do that much!

1holiday clothes

We started a mini tradition of standing outside our suite and taking a photo of that evenings outfits.  Isn’t it wonderful going on holiday and not having to cook or wash up for a week?

1 bike selfies

One of the great things about Mark Warner is that a lot of the activities are included in the price.  Mr E and I went on an organised bike ride with Emma along the coast, stopping at a little bar for a diet coke in the sunshine.

1holiday clothes 1

More holiday posing- I loved the excuse to dress the girls up in little outfits that they just don’t get to wear much of at home.

1 jumping in the pool

This girl grew so much in confidence over the course of the week, going from not letting go of us to swimming and jumping non stop.  We got her a Konfidence jacket just before we left and it gave her and us a bit more reassurance.  She just loved every second of swimming.

1 paddling


1 sharing icecreams

We had a little routine where by the girls would have an after lunch swim followed by an ice cream- their little faces were an absolute picture each time.

1 afternoon siesta

They would then have an afternoon siesta, as would Mr E occasionally too while I got to lay in the sun and read my book, which was absolute bliss.

1 water pistol

Mads loved her water pistol that Grandma bought her and LL, but we had a slight issue on the way there that we packed one of them in her Trunki and it got flagged up as we passed through security! They wouldn’t let it on the plane and Mads was so upset- how stupid are we?!

1 underwater swimming

Messing around in the pool- it’s a lot harder than it looks trying to take a photo underwater!

1 looking out to sea

We loved going down to the beach every evening after dinner for a paddle.

1holiday clothes 3

Our last night outfits.

1 airplane

Saying Bye Bye to Rhodes.

As I said, I have so many photos from my DSLR I want to share, so this blog is going to be a very sunshiny place for a little while.  A perfect way to counteract the sadness as our tans fade and life returns to normal!


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