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Our Holiday to Majorca with Sovereign- Part Two

Last week I wrote about our recent amazing holiday to Majorca with Sovereign. Today I am back with the second part of our holiday diary. To recap, we stayed at the incredible Viva Zafiro Alcudia Hotel & Spa, a fantastic family hotel which I will review fully in a separate post. I had so many photos that I just wanted to share as many as I could. I find that going on holiday completely rejuvenates me in terms of taking photos, I hadn’t been getting my DSLR out much at home, but while we were there I just found so much inspiration in terms of what to photograph.

Here is the second part of our holiday in photos…

majorca_16_zzzaEvery morning we got into a routine where we went for breakfast around 8.30am when we got up, before hitting the big pool with the trampoline ball straight away when it opened at 10am. Mads was literally obsessed with it and I must admit it was really good fun. Every so often it began spraying water again to make it slippery and she could spend hours on there climbing up and jumping down.

majorca_16_zzhThis little girl on the other hand was a bit more cautious in the water. She loved it, but clung to myself or Mr E a little bit. I love these happy but silly smiles.


Having a bit of YouTube and shade time when they got a bit tired. While I love to switch off on holiday I was incredibly impressed with the wifi throughout the resort- it was quicker than my internet at home! Important for a blogger. 😉 majorca_16_zzgI love this photo, you honestly couldn’t get Mads out the pool.

majorca_16_zzeHaving lunch. There were two places to eat lunch at the hotel- the Veranda pool bar and the hotel’s main restaurant ‘The Market’. We loved eating in the main restaurant as we just love a buffet. Mainly cause I like the option of having more than one dessert!

majorca_16_zzfI absolutely loved spending quality time with this one all week. I miss her while she is at school. Holidays seem to make them grow up over night. She was obsessed with learning Spanish and came away with a whole host of new words she had learned. I was really proud of her talking to the waiters in Spanish rather than English.

majorca_16_zzpOne morning we got up really early and headed to the beach before it got too busy. We got in a taxi and headed to Playa de Muro, which is probably about ten minutes drive from the hotel. The reason we went there is we had googled different parts of the beach and had seen that it looked stunning.

majorca_16_zzzkHow blue is this water? The beach was absolutely beautiful, with white soft sand and clear calm water. It rivalled some of the beaches I have been in the Caribbean and at times I couldn’t believe we were in Majorca. Just stunning.

majorca_16_zzzlWe found this amazing pier which is pretty much a photographer’s dream.

majorca_16_zzzmMy husband hates these sandals with a passion, but I love them! 😉

jun16pb30I adore this photo and I can’t believe it is actually taken with my phone. I definitely recommend a visit to Playa de Muro if you are nearby, it is stunning.

majorca_16_zzrMost of the time in the evening we would just stay in our hotel as there was so much to do. We just enjoyed pottering about, going to the playground, the mini golf course or the bar. It was always such a beautiful light as the sun set around 9pm.

majorca_16_zzyI adore this photo of my baby boy- I think he looks like a little bald headed alien!

majorca_16_zzzHe honestly was such a good boy on holiday, we hardly knew he was there. I definitely recommend taking a newborn away, it’s a lot easier until they begin moving! Although he did get a bit unsettled in the evening just as we were about to eat. I think we only ate one meal with him asleep the entire week!

majorca_16_zzuMy three loves in the golden sunshine.

mallorca_june_16_bI think this is my new favourite photo of us all, mainly because everyone is looking at the camera!

majorca_16_zzlOne evening we headed to Alcudia Old Town for a stroll. It’s probably about twenty minutes walk from the hotel and I highly recommend going there if you are ever in Majorca. It is absolutely stunning. It’s a medival walled old town and is so picturesque.

majorca_16_zzmRocking his little sun hat.

majorca_16_zziI love this photo of them jumping. We visited the Old Town just as the sun was setting and it was just beautiful.

majorca_16_zzziSun setting next to the old castle. The girls were fascinated looking at where the old moat would have been.

majorca_16_zzkPort D’Alcudia and the Alcudia coastline is quite built up, think lots of english style bars and souvenir shops, so it was lovely visiting Alcudia Old Town as it is a real contrast to the other touristy parts.

majorca_16_zzn There were so many gorgeous old houses, surrounded by plants, colourful shutters and different coloured doors.

majorca_16_zzo      There are so many restaurants and bars in Alcudia Old Town, with so many people sat outside eating, drinking and enjoying themselves. It really is a beautiful place and apparently there is a thriving market there on certain days.

majorca_16_zzbMy boys matching but not matching!

majorca_16_zzzb We headed back down to Playa de Muro one afternoon to build sandcastles and have a swim. The water was so warm, but the beach was absolutely packed.

majorca_16_zzzc They loved splashing about in the gloriously blue sea.

majorca_16_zzzd Our last evening and the last sunset of our trip. This girl also seemed to completely grow up on holiday. majorca_16_zzze                  I love the baby’s facial expression- he looks a bit shocked at his sister cuddling him.

majorca_16_zzzpWe got an early flight home on the Monday morning and were back in Stansted by midday. I really loved the fact that the flight was so short (1 hr 50 minutes) as it was perfect for three children.

And there you have it. That is our holiday in photos. Looking back at them gives me goosebumps. We had such an incredible time together. I still have a couple of other posts to publish about our amazing holiday in Majorca, one dedicated to an evening we went to the beach and a specific review about the Viva Zafiro Alcudia.

In case you missed it, here is a video I made of our holiday adventures.


NB: We were invited to work with Sovereign and stay at the Viva Zafiro Alcudia Hotel & Spa. All words, content, photos and opinions are entirely my own.

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