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Our Holiday to Majorca with Sovereign- Part One

Before we had our children if you asked me my ideal summer holiday I would say somewhere beautiful by the beach, with nice hotel rooms, yummy food, delicious cocktails, and a pool to relax and read my book by. That would be us sorted. But in actual fact if you asked me what my ideal summer holiday is now I have children it funnily enough hasn’t really changed all that much. I still want all those things- a beautiful beach, nice hotel rooms, the yummy food, delicious cocktails and a pool to relax by. Except now we just need a few other things to make it a perfect family holiday.

Holidays with young children are a whole different ball game to before. They aren’t always going to be relaxing.  Gone are the days where you can lie on a sunbed reading your book for hours upon hours. Yes it can be hectic at times and yes it can occasionally be stressful. But life with young children is like that anyway day to day, so as long as you do your research, holidays need not be something that is daunting.

We have recently returned from a week long holiday to Majorca with Sovereign. As confident as I am about travelling with our girls, who are pretty seasoned travellers, I must admit I was nervous about travelling with a newborn baby and adding a third child into the mix. Sovereign is a luxury brand, but their family collection is a really big part of their business too. To us it ticked all the boxes. A portfolio of luxury properties designed to be appealable to families and make holidays even more special. What could be better than that?

Due to the fact that our little boy was only ten weeks when we travelled, I wanted to make sure that we went somewhere relatively near to home, with a short flight, and to stay in a hotel with facilities that take the stress away from you. We decided on the Viva Zafiro Alcudia Hotel & Spa, an amazing sounding newly built 5* (and it actually felt like 5* but more about that in my review post) family hotel in the centre of Puerto de Alcudia, just 500m from the beach. I will talk about the hotel a lot more, but we were blown away by just how great it was for families. We stayed on an all inclusive basis and that was another thing that really helped as well- there was no worrying about where to eat but there was still lots of choice.

Sovereign do have so many big and little touches which make travelling with children that little bit easier. From dedicated private resort transfers, (such a luxury- I have many a time sat on a hot and stuffy coach waiting for the bus to drop approximately 59 other families off at their respective hotels) to lounge room access in Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton, and a 24 hour concierge who calls you before you fly to check on everything- it really is a superb option for families.

I as usual took SO many photos that I want to share, document and remember, so I thought I would split our holiday posts into a couple of different parts and then do a review of our hotel as my final post. (because it was AMAZING and I have had lots of people message me to ask about it!)

So without further ado here is the first part of our holiday in photos…

viva_zafiro_6After a stress free quick flight (1 hour 50 minutes) and a lovely 40 minute private transfer to the hotel, we arrived and were handed a glass of champagne while we checked in, with cold juices for the children. We definitely thought we could get used to this! We were then shown to our room, passing the main pool area. We were in Block 3, which was a quiet block to the right of this photo.

viva_zafiro_17Our gorgeous room. The hotel has all different types of room type, including two bedroom suites, so they catered for all types of families, with the largest room occupying 6 people. Our was a one bed with a comfy sofa bed in the living area, and you could pull the double doors together as seen in this photo so it separated the two rooms. Having our own bedroom is a huge but important luxury for us on holiday as it means we still get an evening once the children are in bed.

viva_zafiro_3The girls wasted no time in jumping straight into the pool. We were incredibly lucky to have one of the ground floor swim up suites, which meant there was a pool right outside our terrace. You can see from this photo the steps coming down from our room. This was fantastic as it meant the girls could play in the pool with Mr E to their hearts content, and I could watch from the terrace while our baby boy slept.

majorca_16_cI must admit that I did pack an outfit a day for each of them (and me!) and I tried to make them as coordinated as possible. If you can’t indulge in your guilty pleasure on holiday when can you? Now Mads is at school and wearing her uniform all the time, I don’t get much opportunity to coordinate their outfits! I love this photo of them all chilling out on the day bed on our terrace.

majorca_16_a This little boy was an absolute superstar while we were away. I was nervous about him on the flight, but he couldn’t have been more chilled out and he slept the entire way there and the entire way back.

majorca_16_d The hotel had an amazing outdoor children’s play area, with all the usual climbing frames, swings, slides and even a bouncy castle. Both the girls loved the outdoor trampoline. One thing I did hear people say was that it was great it was right by the main restaurant as it meant that children could play while parents enjoyed longer to eat their meal. As ours are little we wouldn’t leave them on their own to play, but it was definitely good for older kids.

majorca_16_gOur first full morning on the Tuesday. We woke up to glorious sunshine and headed to the hotel’s buffet restaurant for breakfast. We all absolutely loved the breakfast- there was literally SO much choice, by far the best hotel breakfast I have ever had, including waffles, pancakes, smoothies, made to order omelettes, muffins, various cooked options, an abundance of different fruit juices, flavoured fruit distilled waters, and lots of different yoghurts with five different types of honey.

viva_zafiro_18How amazing is this pool? The Viva Zafiro has so many different swimming pools. There are the rectangular swim up suites all around the edge of the complex, a main pool with a huge trampoline bouncy ball, an indoor pool, an adults only pool and this amazing splash pool for the little ones.

majorca_16_iWe got into a lovely routine where we would go to one of the hotel’s many pools in the morning, then head to lunch, (if you are on an all inclusive basis you can eat lunch either in the buffet restaurant or in the Veranda pool bar) before coming home and the two littlest people had a nap (sometimes Daddy did too!) and I got a bit of sunshine, while Mads relaxed in the shade with her toys or an iPad. We then all hit the pools again when they got up.

majorca_16_j How cool does this little girl look in her heart shades?


We would often head down to the hotel’s bar either before or after dinner for a drink. The girls loved the kids cocktails and I was of course partial to a mojito. My favourite!

majorca_16_n Loving life.

majorca_16_o My two littlest people having a lovely snuggle.

majorca_16_pI love this photo. I asked them to take a photo on the bridge going over the hotel pool cause it was just a lovely setting but LL decided to have a mini strop and refuse to have her photo taken. There are Mads and Mr E looking happy as anything in this idyllic holiday snap, and there is her in the background with the grumpiest face!


Aforementioned grumpy face!

majorca_16_sHe was a dream all holiday, sleeping most of the day, smiling at anyone who gave him attention, sleeping amazingly at night (hello 10pm till 6am!) but he seemed to get grumpy just as we were about to eat. I swear he can smell when we are about to sit down to have a meal. He’s getting the same big blue eyes as his sisters.

majorca_16_tUs girls posing- I love this swishy neon skirt I got from ASOS as a little pre holiday treat to myself.


Two little girls ready and waiting to hit the pool. Our swim up suite was absolutely amazing and both of them became so much more confident at swimming over the week as a result of being in the pool non stop.

majorca_16_vI love this photo of them dipping their feet into the water.


Waiting outside the restaurant for dinner. I will talk about the food more in my review post but the food at the hotel was so amazing and there was so much choice.


One evening we headed down to Port de Alcudia beach to have a play on the sand, plus Mr E wanted to try out his new drone which he bought to capture some of our adventures. (I think he’s been watching too many Casey Neistat videos!)  The sun was setting and it was so beautiful that we ended up taking lots of photos- I am going to do a whole post on them I think as I love them all so much.

majorca_16_zuThe beach near us was so beautiful, the water was so shallow and calm, and it was a sheltered bay, meaning that there were practically no waves. The girls loved paddling and the sand was so soft- it rivalled some of the beaches we have been to in the Caribbean. It was hard to believe we were in Majorca at times.


My Mum got all three of them these matching cossies from Next before we went away- so cute. Mads loved having some quality time with him while LL had a nap in the afternoons- so often she is at school so doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with her baby brother. She is so good with him.


Action shot. She is such a water baby and would literally be in the pool all day long if she could.


Happy smiley boy. Stop growing up so quick please.


Another waiting for dinner shot. We have all come back weighing about a stone heavier from all the delicious food.


Posing with my babies after dinner one evening. It’s impossibly to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time!


Our baby boy looks like he is wondering what on earth is going on. Poor soul having these crazy two as his big sisters.


Two little mamas. I love the way they look after him and it was wonderful to be able to watch them all bond even more on holiday as it is the longest amount of time we have had together since he was born.


I love this photo of the two of them, she looks so deep in thought and so caring towards her brother.

meandminejune16bMy little family. There is absolutely nothing more special to me than spending quality time with them. I couldn’t feel any more grateful to be able to get to travel with them and have adventures.


Phew and there you have it. A very photo heavy post of the first part of our holiday. Expect more holiday spam coming soon! Here is a video I made as well. I absolutely love this video and I think it is my favourite one I have ever done….


NB: We were invited to work with Sovereign and stay at the Viva Zafiro Alcudia Hotel & Spa. All words, content, photos and opinions are entirely my own.

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