Travel • November 28, 2012

Our Winter Trip to Woburn…

This weekend just gone we took a trip to Woburn Safari Park.  We have been there quite a few times before, as it is only about 40 minutes away from us, and we love it there.  However we have always gone in the Summer, never in November before so I was interested as to what it was going to be like.

I need not have worried- the sun shined all day and I loved going out of season.  The animals around the safari trail were a lot more lively, rather than in the summer when they seem to snooze quite a lot, and because it was quiet we were able to get up close and personal with them a lot more so than if we were in a bigger queue of cars.

Mads was obsessed with the animals- she loved looking at them all and got especially excited by the monkeys and the lions.


Having lots of fun staring out the window at all the animals.



Mads loved the ‘ebras.’


We ended up having three monkeys on our car at one point and Mads was absolutely fascinated by them- she was giggling in delight although at first she looked a bit nervous as they were fighting on our roof!


I took these photos when they were sitting on our windscreen.


Woburn doesn’t just have the safari trail but a huge amount of activities to do once you have parked up.


We went for a walk on Daddy’s shoulders.


There is a huge soft play arc at Woburn and Mads (and Daddy!) loved the big slide.  She just kept saying ‘more’ and wanting to go on it again and again.  I think my little girl is a big daredevil because they went very fast!


Happy smiles.


More slides- we played for ages in the play area, and because it was Winter it was really quiet.


We stopped and chatted to some lemurs and they got very close to us.


We also chatted to some penguins who photobombed us!


Finally we were so tired we had to get a lift on Daddy’s shoulders back to the car, and fell asleep within 2 seconds of the engine being started.

As usual Woburn didn’t disappoint.  For me it has the best both worlds, it has attractions you would normally find a walk round zoo, plus the obvious bonus of the safari park which means you can get up close and personal to the animals.  I also love the soft play place- Mads could play there for hours.

I didn’t know what to expect going in November, but actually I think I prefered it to all the times we went in Summer- the animals were a lot more lively and playful, and it was just generally nicer to go when it was quieter.  I would definitely recommend Woburn as a family day out whatever the season.

I love little day trips with my little family.  There is nothing like seeing the joy on my little girl’s face when we do something different.


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