Travel • July 30, 2012

A Trip To The Zoo…

On Saturday the sun was shining and as we had my Mother In Law staying with us for a few days, we decided to get up bright and early and go to the zoo.  Originally we were going to go to Woburn Safari Park, but having been there a few times now we thought we would try Whipsnade Zoo which was just a few miles further from us.

The last time we went to a zoo Mads was only tiny, although she has since been to one with her Auntie Paula, so I was excited to see whether she would be interested in the animals.

We had a wonderful day, and Mads was just fascinated.  The zoo was big enough for her to run around and it is set in some beautiful countryside and we sat and had our lunch overlooking the most lovely view.

She loved seeing all the animals- her favourites by far (and mine too) were the sealions.  There was a little indoors bit and we went in there just as the sealion demonstration was about to start outside so people were queuing up and taking their seats.  As their handlers wanted to keep them in we were treated to a private show just for us- they were adorable and so funny, Mads kept shouting ‘Splash Splash’ at them.

We also loved the giraffes, and there was a little childrens farm as well which was great, but we were disappointed that the lions were being very lazy and not coming close enough for us to see them after Mads shouted ‘Roar Roar’ literally all day!  Apparently they can sleep 21 hours a day- i think if Mads was an animal then she would definitely be a lion!


Mads didn’t seem to understand when we said she would be a nice little snack for one of these bears!


Sitting with Daddy and staring at the view.


What does the giraffe say?  No we didn’t know either.


We aren’t allowed to feed the animals so we fed Dada instead!


Trying a Roast Beef Monster Munch and promptly spitting it out!


Going for a walk with Mummy.


Admiring the view.




Our favourites- the sealions!


Talking to the sheep.


Yum Yum- An Ice Cream for the road.

We had a great day, and I love seeing the magic in my little girls eyes when we go on days out like this.


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