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Our Holiday to Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos – Part Two.

Following on from my post the other day about the first part of our holiday to Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos, here is the second part.  I absolutely loved going back through and looking at all the photos of our adventures, plus you can never have too many holiday photos.  Can you?

beaches turks and caicos 10a

I absolutely adore this photo of Mr E and LL dangling their feet over the pier.  We loved walking to the end of the pier, watching and listening to the waves crashing against the wooden structure.  There were even glass viewing panels and if you were lucky you might see a fish or two swimming by.

beaches turks and caicos 16a

Some early morning paddling- there’s nothing better than kicking off your flip flops and letting the water swirl around your feet.

beaches turks and caicos 11

A watermelon hair slide and a pretty bracelet = that guaranteed holiday feeling!

beaches turks and caicos 14a

Back in the Summer, the girls were a little wary of the sea- they would paddle in it for a bit before getting a bit nervous about the waves.  But they loved the beach here (and so did I) and it was so warm so they were going in and fully swimming in it.

beaches turks and caicos 13a

Daddy’s girls.

beaches turks and caicos 61

One of my favourite places to eat breakfast was the Sky Bar, a gorgeous open air restaurant on the roof, with panoramic views of the ocean.  A lot of the 19 restaurants at Beaches were buffet style (and also delicious) for breakfast but Sky Bar was cooked to order.  I just loved it and we went there a couple of times.

beaches turks and caicos 60


beaches turks and caicos 59

Two of my three.  One not fully awake yet.

beaches turks and caicos 62

The triple stack of pancakes- blueberry, chocolate and mandarin orange with whipped butter and a drizzle of maple syrup.  They were delicious and the girls wolfed them down too.  Plus Sky Bar had good taste- we got these same plates and crockery for our wedding gift list, although ours are by a different company.

beaches turks and caicos 1a

She’s at such a funny age where she gets in the most amusing little strops if she doesn’t get her own way.  We didn’t take a buggy on holiday with us as we like her to walk around as much as possible, especially in a place where the only thing likely to get in your way are the resort’s choo choo train or a stray golf buggy.  She would demand to walk, totter along for two minutes, want to be carried again, and then want to be put down straight away again.  This photo caught her mid strop.

beaches turks and caicos 5

Look at the late afternoon sunshine.  So beautiful.  One of my favourite things to do was to get ready and head out early for cocktails and to catch the setting sun as the light was just perfect.  Beaches Resort is split into four villages, each really different and all great in their own ways- but my absolute favourite had to be the Key West Village.  It just had a really chilled out, ‘beachy’ vibe and I loved sitting in one of the big love seats by the fire pits and watching the ocean in the background.

beaches turks and caicos 6

I love this one of myself and my little girly- she made me so proud all week as she walked around smiling, waving and saying ‘hiiii’ and ‘byeeee’ to all the staff and other guests.

beaches turks and caicos 8

Having a cuddle with ‘Baa’.

beaches turks and caicos 9a

The other two.  On this particular day Mads wasn’t well, she woke up with a sky high temperature and cough and I haven’t seen her like it before, she just wanted to sleep all day.  Unfortunately her and Mr E spent the day in the room while LL and I went out and about, but by the evening she was a lot better and came out for some dinner.  She still wasn’t 100% though and just wanted to cuddle her Daddy.


One of those beautiful sunsets I was talking about above.  This is the larger of the two Key West village pools, that were more of a chilled out adult vibe than the busy and fun pools in the other villages.  I came here a couple of times for a bit of alone sun time while the girls were having a nap in the room with Mr E. (Mr E loves a good afternoon siesta!)

beaches turks and caicos 71

I love this photo of them snuggling- I snuck up on them when they weren’t looking.  They are so sweet together.  Most of the time.

beaches turks and caicos 97a

As I mentioned in my previously, Beaches is affiliated to Sesame Street and there were lots of Sesame Street activities around the resort, both included in the price, and ones that you had to pay a little extra for.  What was really great was that you could totally avoid it if you wanted too, Beaches did a really good job of keeping it quite low key if you didn’t want to participate.  But of course with two little ones and a Mummy who loves a bit of Elmo, we loved to see them.  One massive highlight of our trip was the Sesame Street Sail Away Catamaran Cruise. (it’s an extra cost but definitely worth it)  It’s two hours sailing around the island with some of your favourite Sesame Street characters on board- there was a free bar, a DJ, lots of dancing, relaxing and they even got a free gift from their favourite friends too.  It was one of my favourite parts of our whole holiday and seeing them dancing away to Gangham Style with Elmo was a surreal but magical experience.  LL doesn’t look too impressed here but she absolutely loved every moment of it.

beaches turks and caicos 95

Chilling on a massive catamaran with my littlest lady- totally channeling my inner Simon Cowell as I hear he was on a yacht in neighbouring Barbados at the time.  😉

beaches turks and caicos 68

I absolutely love this photo and looking at it makes me feel a little emotional.  It was such a special experience for us all meeting and spending time with the Sesame Street characters- it was magical to watch the girls with them and they were so amazing with them.  I love how LL is trying to pick her nose, while the rest of us look bemused and happy.

beaches turks and caicos 67

A morning of sunshine, cocktails, dancing and Elmo doing the Conga, while sailing round the beautiful Turks and Caicos- definitely one of those ‘pinch me’ moments.

beaches turks and caicos 94

The high seas suited this girl. 😉 It didn’t suit her hair though, we were brushing it and layering on the condition for about an hour each evening.  So tangly.

You can see more of our catamaran cruise and of our holiday adventures in the last of two little videos I made about our holiday…

I have a couple more photo posts of our holiday to publish next week and after that normal wintery service will resume.  But allow me to live in my dream world for just a little while longer…

Massive thanks to Beaches for inviting myself and my little family to stay for the week.  All photos, words and opinions are entirely my own, we really do think that Beaches Turks and Caicos is the most incredible place for families. 

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