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Our Holiday to Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos – Part One.

Last week feels like a surreal dream.  Albeit it’s an amazing, beautiful, spectacular dream, but it still feels like it didn’t really happen now I am back in the cold and wet UK.  This time last week myself and my little family were on holiday over 7000 miles away in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, staying at the incredible Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa.  Also there at the same time as us was my fab fellow Space In Your Case blogger Alison and her family.

I am lucky that I have travelled to the Caribbean a couple of times before, but this is the first time I have ever flown long haul with my girl’s and before we left we were all incredibly excited and a teeny bit apprehensive about the flight.  However we need not have worried, the whole thing was an adventure from start to finish and we have come away with the most amazing memories.

I am a really emotional person.  I tend to form real and strong attachments to places and things, and I am really enthusiastic so if we have a good time, then I inevitably fall in love with the places we go or stay, and can’t quite imagine not going back every year.  But Beaches Turks and Caicos really was utter paradise and absolutely incredible for adults and children alike.  We could have stayed there for a lot longer and not even began to get bored- it was perfection.  The resort is ‘luxury included’ meaning that practically everything is included in the price of the holiday- it’s so convenient to go into all the bars and restaurants and not have to take money.  It’s also testament to the resort that we didn’t leave it the whole time we were there- so we literally didn’t spend anything extra.

I have a thorough review and guide to the resort coming up in the next couple of weeks, but as usual I took SO many photos that I want to make sure I document and remember every last detail of our trip.  Apologies for the fact that this blog is going to be full of photos and holiday memories for the next week or so, but at least it might brighten it up for a while before normal wintery service resumes.  I don’t think I can do the resort justice though, even with all the photos, it is far more incredible than it looks.

Here is Part One (of many!) of our holiday at Beaches Turks and Caicos…

beaches turks and caicos 85

I must admit to being a little nervous about the flights before we went.  Of course I wouldn’t dream of not flying, after all we do these things so we can have adventures and make memories, but add two small people, four flights and a slightly apprehensive flyer into the mix and I was a little nervous.  However it couldn’t have gone smoother- my girls were as good as gold on the way there. (I pack them ‘plane goody bags’ on every flight we go on)  You can fly to Beaches Turks and Caicos in a number of different ways but we flew with American Airlines from Heathrow to Miami (9.5 hours) and then from Miami to Providenciales. (1 hr 20)

beaches turks and caicos 28

Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos is massive (more about that in a later post) and is split into villages with many different room types.  There are 20 restaurants, lots of different pools and of course you can walk and use all the different places, which is great as each village makes for a really different experience.  After a bit of a room confusion at the start we found ourselves in the Italian Village, in a Ocean View Concierge Family Suite with Kids Room.  Mads loved that she had a seperate area with a bunk bed. (again more on our rooms in a later post!)


The view from our balcony was absolutely stunning- the beach was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.


Due to time differences I ended up waking up around 5am most mornings. (Mr E and the girls carried on sleeping but I am a light sleeper)  I loved going out on the balcony and watching the sun come up- there really were the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

beaches turks and caicos 30

We had a little routine where we would go down to the beach around 7am as the light was gorgeous and it was pretty much deserted, we would have a little walk and then head back to one of the many restaurants for breakfast.

beaches turks and caicos 32

It was great getting the Summer clothes back out of storage for a week- I forgot how much I loved the girls little towelling boat dresses.

beaches turks and caicos 33

I love the early morning light in these photos.  The sand was the softest I have ever felt.

beaches turks and caicos 34a

Mads hair went a little crazy with the heat and chlorine- major curls alert!

beaches turks and caicos 36

Me and my big girl.

beaches turks and caicos 37

I love this photo of the three of us.

beaches turks and caicos 29

On our first full night we went to the weekly family beach festival- it was amazing- there was twinkly lights everywhere, face painting, music, lots of different food stands, and of course a Sesame Street stage show.  Beaches Resorts are affiliated with Sesame Street and we made some incredible memories over the course of the week, and have all become huge Sesame Street fans.

beaches turks and caicos 39

Without a doubt if you asked Mads what the highlight of her trip was (bar our Sesame Street activities) she would say the ‘waterpark and eating ice cream’. The resort has it’s very own water park, with lots of slides, a lazy river, a kids jacquzzi, a pirate water play area and even a surf simulator.  There are a few swim up bars throughout all the different pools but the girls loved the ‘kids’ one in the water park- where you could order all sorts of kid friendly cocktails.  The pirate ship also housed ‘Bobby D’s’- an American style diner restaurant which we went to for lunch on a couple of occasions.  They also have an ice cream parlour- where we got an ice cream most days.  Cookie Dough for me- yum!  Obviously all these are included in the all inclusive pricing, but we didn’t go mad.  Honest.

beaches turks and caicos 93

We loved the lazy river- it went right round and through the water park and was great fun.

beaches turks and caicos 45

Another early morning walk.  The grounds of the resort were gorgeous- full of shrubbery, flowers and little areas you could sit or lie.

beaches turks and caicos 46

There was a pier on the beach that we loved to walk down in the mornings.  It was stunning.

beaches turks and caicos 48

Cuddles for Daddy.

beaches turks and caicos 49

Sharing a joke with my big girl.

beaches turks and caicos 50

‘Sitting on the dock of the bay…’

beaches turks and caicos 51

This girl shows no sign of being less of a Daddy’s girl.

beaches turks and caicos 64

The girls went to ‘‘Camp Sesame’ the kids club for two mornings (for 2 hours at a time) so we could have a little bit of adult time- they could have gone in a lot longer but to be honest we really didn’t want them to- there was just so much to do for kids and adults alike that we all had so much fun.  Still the little break was nice just to relax for a while. We still gave the girls a nap in the afternoons as we were keeping them up much later at night and as Mr E prefers the shade he sat on the balcony while the girls slept and I got to go and have a bit of sun time around the resort!


The view from the pier.  Absolutely incredible.

beaches turks and caicos 58

As I mentioned above Beaches Resorts is affiliated with Sesame Street and there are loads of different activities you can do.  There were stage shows most evenings, a massive parade once a week and also you could pay extra for special Sesame Street Packages. I will talk about this some more in another post but one of the ones we did was the Sesame Street Tuck In– where your favourite character comes and reads you a story and tucks you in at night.  We chose Elmo (my Mum bought them the cute Elmo PJ’s before we went away!) and it was the CUTEST thing ever.  LL hugged him when he knocked on our hotel room door and then when he went to tuck them in I had tears in my eyes- it was truly magical.  He gave them a cuddly toy each (we specified which ones when we booked it) and they haven’t stopped carrying them round since.

Here is Part one of two little videos I have made about our amazing holiday….

(I did say there was going to be lots of photos and that’s only the beginning.  Oops.  Expect lots more holiday posts over the next week or so!)

Massive thanks to Beaches for inviting myself and my family to stay for the week.  All photos, words and opinions are entirely my own, we really do think Beaches Turks and Caicos is the most incredible place for familiies.  


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