Travel • June 4, 2018

A Family Photo Shoot in New York City – Part One

Last week we went on the most amazing holiday to NYC. I am only beginning to process it, I would go as far as to say it was one of the best trips we have ever been on as a family. We booked it completely on a whim, I got an email one Sunday afternoon in January telling me it was the last day of the BA sale, so I looked out of curiosity. I wasn’t expecting to find bargain flights for a family of five in May half term, but we booked it that afternoon after deliberating for a couple of hours. It was spontaneous and a little out of character, but we soon were counting down the days.

I have so many of my own photos, words and blog posts I want to share. I want to do some planning posts, some potential inspiration for what to do with kids in the city posts (for the record we found it amazingly family friendly, which is something I know from chatting to people on instagram puts people off going with their kids), and just generally relive our holiday posts- but first of all I have something really special I want to document on here.

One night a couple of months ago I got it into my head that I wanted to have a family photo shoot done while we were in NYC. We haven’t ever had a family photo shoot done before, mainly because I take so many photos myself I have never really seen the point. But with a back drop as beautiful as New York, I decided that I wanted to invest in some family photos we could treasure forever. I spent ages researching and looking at photographers one evening and in the end we booked the lovely Amanda Petersen. She just ticked all the boxes in the style of photography I was looking for- easy going, candid, natural and not too posed.

We met with Amanda half way through our trip in DUMBO Brooklyn. She followed us round for an hour or so, snapping as we walked around under and over the Brooklyn Bridge. When she sent us the photos a couple of days later I got tears in my eyes- I couldn’t love them more. They were exactly what I had been hoping for, she had captured exactly what I wanted perfectly and I truly couldn’t have been happier with them. She sent us almost two hundred photos, but I of course can’t share every single one. Still I wanted to share a few so I thought I would split them into two posts.

The first set are from when we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, something which was on top of my bucket list to do. We did it at sunset and it was truly beautiful. I will treasure these photos forever.


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