We were contacted by Subaru to take part in their #XVAdventure campaign involving one of their Subaru XV Crossover vehicles. We had the car for the weekend and took it camping in Wales. Because of the success of this campaign, we were the only blogger family to be invited to have the car for a whole year.

We created a lot of different content for the campaign, mainly centered around video, just showing the car being used in everyday family life, and for those big and little adventures.

As part of the launch of the campaign we were filmed with Subaru’s film crew on a very cold and wet day out with the Subaru XV.


A Year of Adventure with Subaru- #XVAdventure

Our Subaru XV Weekend Camping Adventure- Part Two

Our Subaru XV Weekend Camping Adventure- Part One


Over the course of the year we created a lot of every day video content for Subaru which we included in our ‘Week in our Lives’ monthly vlogs. But here are just a few of our favourites…