Life • October 29, 2012

Just The Two Of Us…

While I love weekends with my little family, sometimes it is nice to have a day to yourselves.  Mr E and I are very lucky that we have lots of my side of the family around us who always want to have Mads, but funnily enough we don’t take advantage of it that often.  My Dad and his wife will have Mads on the odd Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours every few weeks, and if we ever want to go out in the evening we always have a babysitter on hand, whether it be my Mum, Dad or sister.  However we don’t often take them up on the offer, although they are always offering.

So this weekend that’s exactly what we did.  We dropped Mads off at Grandpa and Nana’s early on Sunday morning and went off on the train to London for the day.  It is the first time since she was born that we have had a WHOLE day out together- I think thats pretty crazy really.

I wanted to go to the Saatchi Gallery as there was a couple of exhibitions there I wanted to see so we headed there first.  There was an exhibition on Google Street View photography, and what random things the aerial cameras picked up- this was fascinating.  Things like prostitutes hanging out on the street in Sau Paulo, and a man lying dead under a sheet after a road accident in Mexico.  It was really powerful.  There was also an exhibition featuring the classic Chanel Black Jacket by Karl Lagerfield- all in all it was fantastic.




Afterwards we popped into Byron for some burger action which was so tasty- you can’t beat a big juicy burger on a Sunday afternoon!




It was very nice to enjoy a Sunday lunch without having to entertain a bored toddler.  We then mooched around the shops, and had a walk in the park.  Simple but lovely and something that we have really neglected since having Mads.  My husband is still the person I have the most fun with, even after all this time.

Finally we got the train home about 5 and stopped off at our favourite little country pub for hot chocolate and a cosy chat in front of the fire.


We then went over to my Dads to hear all about the lovely day Mads had enjoyed with her Nana and Grandpa, and her Great Nana and Grandpa as well.

It was lovely to spend some quality time together- just us two.  Obviously family time as the three of us is the best thing ever, but sometimes it is nice to enjoy a day that isn’t dictated by nappies and naps.  We enjoyed all the things we used to enjoy when we lived in London.

And the best thing about our day?  Coming back to the biggest cuddle from the best little person who missed her Mummy and Daddy.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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