Life • June 5, 2015

My Little Bits Of Life #6

I have taken my ‘big camera’ out and about quite a bit recently, a lot more so than the last few months. I think it is mainly down to the weather being a little nicer, it motivates me to take it out and about more. Of course I use my DSLR a lot, but I still do find that my iPhone is the camera I use the most just on a day to day basis.

Here is a peek into life as seen through the eyes of my iPhone…


1. Little feet in Converse and retro knee high socks are just about the cutest thing ever I think.

2. When I randomly came across this t-shirt I just had to buy it. Mr E gave me the most bemused look when I put it on. (I only wear it to sleep in although it’s an actual t-shirt) We often have strange conversations in the car and the other day we were driving past Heathrow Airport and I said to him what would you do if actually when I said I was with blog friends or at blog events or conferences, I was really a secret plane spotter? He looked at me and said ‘I would be relieved and think you were cooler than you are now.’ Ha ha.

3. A few weeks ago I went down to London to film at YouTube which was exciting. I was invited to be involved in a project with Ladybird Books and Toddler Fun Learning where I had to read some stories on camera. It was surreal and so much fun, like pretending to be a kids tv presenter for the day. Let’s just say CBeebies won’t be knocking on my door anytime soon.

4. I love this photo of my girls cuddling in the afternoon sunshine- we went for a walk in the big country park near where we live.

5. How amazing are these smiley jumpers from Tootsa MacGinty? I adore bright, primary colours and I also love to dress the girls in coordinated clothes, so I fell in love with these. We have had lots of compliments when they have been out and about in them.

6. Another one of my favourite outfits at the moment- I think this little pink jumpsuit from Zara is one of the cutest things I have seen. LL also loves wearing sunglasses as well as hats, it’s funny cause a lot of my friend’s children won’t keep on either.

7. When I went to Greece a few weeks ago on a press trip, Alison and I stumbled on this red wall at a local vineyard and being the dedicated bloggers we are we just had to stand next to it! 😉

8. My fitness mission has not been going too well at all recently and I am finding it hard to stay motivated. However when I do go for a run I am enjoying it, it’s just that my diet isn’t particularly healthy at the moment. But I ran in the sunshine the other day and had to stop and take a photo of this beautiful view.

9. I love this photo of my girls. My Mum has a crazy dog called Teddy who wouldn’t hurt a fly but is just so hyper and LL gets a bit nervous around him when they are outside as he runs amok. Mads decided to hold her hand to help her walk down the garden and keep her safe.

10. Big sister reading Little sister a story.

11. I took this photo when I was in a really sentimental mood. I wrote on instagram ‘Mads is feeling a little under the weather since she got up from her nap earlier. Because her hair is so long she has never been particularly keen on having it washed but tonight she really wasn’t feeling it. So her Daddy got in the bath with them and let her wash his first. I almost didn’t share this photo for fear it was too personal, but actually really this is just our every day. These most ordinary of moments are so tender and beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a man who is madly in love with his children and who is not afraid to show it. Especially a man whose own ‘father’ walked out on him when he was three and who he hasn’t seen since. What an incredible man he has missed ot on the privilege of loving. The love he has for our daughter is perfection. This is just a grainy iPhone snap of an every day moment, but actually it means more than that.’

12. For a while now Mads has been going to nursery one morning extra than LL to prepare her for school and also to give me some time with my smallest girl. But now we are fast approaching the school countdown in September, we have decided to stop Mads on a Friday as we want to spend as much time as possible with her before life changes dramatically. Last Friday was the last day I will have with LL on my own for a while, although come September she will have me all to herself in the week bar the two days she’s at nursery as well. We snuggled on my bed for ages. I really love this photo.

13. I still love taking a photo of them against our garage door every once in a while, this time I got in on the act too!

14. Happy smiles. These two and their happy smiles are contagious.

15. Last weekend was a really lazy one for us so we decided to head to a little town a few miles from where we live. We fed the ducks and went for a cake. I still think our most favourite days are ones where we don’t do anything particularly exciting.

16. I must admit, I am weirdly not a flower person. I love daffodils when they are in season and of course when Mr E buys me flowers (which isn’t often as I prefer some chocolate or diet coke as a little gesture!) I do love them, but I am just not particularly bothered about having them in the house. However I have just discoved freesias and I absolutely love them, so much so that I have been buying a couple of bunches most weeks.

If you want to see more of my iPhone pics, you can find me over on instagram- I’m @mummydaddyme.


I found out the other evening that my blog is a finalist in TWO categories at the 2015 Mad Blog Awards- Best Preschool Blog and Best Photography. I am absolutely over the moon to be chosen alongside some amazing bloggers. The voting is open till the 16th June and it literally takes a minute to do. If you like my blog and tales of our family life, or if you love my photography (or both) and fancied voting for me I would love you forever! Thank you if you do! xx


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