Life • May 14, 2014

My Little Bits of Life #1

If you have been reading this blog a while, you may remember that ages ago I started recording little moments from my iPhone.  I don’t know why but I just stopped doing it mainly because I was busy doing other things and forgot.  However I have decided to bring back ‘My Little Bits of Life’ – just little snippets from my phone.  I record everyday memories with the Ordinary Moments, my ‘big camera’ memories with ‘Miscellanous Memories‘ and so therefore it makes sense to record those little bits and pieces on my iPhone that otherwise would get forgotten somewhere in a folder on my computer.

I am incredibly nosey and I love to see little details of other people’s lives, Instagram is by far my favourite form of social media.  It’s the first thing I open in the morning (after my eyes!) and I follow some amazingly creative, beautiful and inspiring accounts. I really do adore it.

Some of these photos have been on my instagram account, but either way they have all been taken with my iPhone.  I adore my DSLR the most but you can’t beat the camera that you have on you 99% of the time!

Here are some little bits of life recently…


From left to right…

1.  LL and I had a lovely day a few weeks ago attending the Next Bloggers Event.  90% of the girls clothes are from Next, we love them, so it was great to see the new range.  And hang out with people like Sonia and Becky over lunch.

2.  I am obsessed with colour at the moment.  I can’t get enough of updating my home with bright things.  Like my new doormat I bought.  My muddy feet have never felt so cheerful.

3.  LL never wants to wake up from her afternoon nap.  I constantly have to wake her up from her nap to which causes immense grumpiness.  Until she has a biscuit.  Then all is forgiven!

4.  I bought this little rabbit for Mads for Easter but then I realised he goes perfectly with my new living room so I accidentally ‘forgot’ to put it in her Easter basket.

5. We went to a garden party at my Mum’s neighbours house. It was a lovely afternoon with my family and the cupcakes were amazing.

6. Wedding ‘selfies’ with one of my best friends from uni and his date.  These two made me laugh all day long and Mads loved having their undivided attention.

7.  When the sun stays out longer than two minutes, we love to have a picnic.  We had our first one of the Spring last weekend.  There is nothing better than kicking off your shoes and feeling the grass between your toes.

8.  Strawberries are compulsory at Springtime.  I am terrible for not eating breakfast but on a Tuesday and Thursday morning when the girls are at nursery I love to eat strawberries with natural yoghurt.  Delicious and healthy.

9. I had a child free weekend at Blogtacular last weekend.  The conference was amazing, full of creative and inspiring people, including some of my favourite bloggers and fellow Living Arrows peeps- Fritha, Carie, Xanthe, Lucy, Emily and Hayley.

10.  My fellow I Heart Snapping girls and I enjoying a brief spell of London sunshine.

11.  You can’t beat a toilet selfie.  Here I am with Jess and Lucy.

12.  On the Saturday night I went to Shake Shack with Lucy, Kara, Hayley and Emily.  The burgers and crinkly chips were delicious, and the milkshakes wer the best thing ever.  You can’t beat a thick and creamy vanilla milkshake- yum!


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