Life • April 17, 2020


Last week I wrote a blog post all about creating a fun stop motion style video on your phone, something which has been entertaining myself and my children while they have been off school during lockdown.

Today I wanted to share a different idea with you. If you have been following me for a very long time, or even a while, you will know that documenting and creating memories is something that has been a huge passion of mine for a very long time. Indeed the whole reason I started my blog nine years ago now (!) was to document life as a first time mum. Back then social media was very different, but my whole reason for starting it was to be creative and to record the memories, way before this crazily became my job.

Photography has been my passion ever since I was a teenager and my Dad let me borrow his film camera to play with. I was hooked. It’s been my biggest hobby ever since I was eighteen years old and I adore everything about it.


Some totally unrelated photos as we took them the other day on our daily dog walk.

For the last few years though I have got into video a lot more. I was a little late to the You Tube bandwagon, mainly because as bizarre as it might seem as I put my life online, I actually don’t particularly like being in front of the camera (a lack of confidence or self esteem can manifest itself in many forms). After many years I have finally found what works for me in terms of you tube- I don’t necessarily want to be the biggest or most popular you tuber, I tend to stay clear off the type of content that everyone is doing and I know would help my numbers rise.

But one thing I have remained constant with on there is day in the life videos. Bar travel videos these are my favourite type of videos to make by far. They challenge me creatively, I love to edit them, and I love to tell a story. Best of all I love to look back on them to see our most special of memories.


I have recently started making day in the life videos on instagram using my phone instead of my camera. To me these videos feel a lot more candid, a lot more real, and are less intrusive than picking up my camera. They are also more accessible too. Camera phones have moved on a long way, and it’s amazing the type of video you can create with them. I had a lot of people on instagram ask me to share how I made them, so I finally got round to filming a You Tube video the other day with a full tutorial from start to finish of how I edit them together.




For a fair old while now I have been using VLLO to edit my phone videos. There are so many different video apps out there but I find that it’s great, simple to use and get the hang of, and best of it is free. You can pay extra for the upgraded version with more features, but I have never needed that for the videos I create.

Anyway enough waffling from me. Here is my video tutorial on how to make mini films on your phone.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do end up making one yourself and share it to instagram, make sure you tag me at @katie_ellison or use the hashtag #stayathomeminifilm so I can see your creations.


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