Life • January 4, 2018

Hello 2018 and a little refresh (and my Me and Mine photo for December 17)

Firstly I should start by wishing you all a very happy 2018. Our Christmas and New year was quiet and relaxing, but just what we all needed. It was our first Christmas in our new home and the first time we have ever hosted, and it all went really well. In fact it was probably one of the nicest year’s we have had in a long time. I definitely think there is something to be said for not rushing around and for the children just to be at home in their own surroundings. We ate far too much and spent pretty much the entire Christmas holidays in our pyjamas.

That said I was still quite excited to send the girls back off to school this morning, however nice our break together was. I have been really looking forward to getting back into routine, while there are some aspects of New Year I am not keen on, I am a big fan of a fresh start, a new blank diary to fill and goals to try and achieve. While I am still not completely back into the swing of things (it is only the first day afterall), I am excited and motivated to kick off 2018.

I’ve actually done a little video all about what goals I hope to achieve this year. I’m not one for elaborate resolutions because I almost certainly don’t keep to them, but I think setting little goals really helps keep me motivated.


One goal I have for this year is to nurture my blog more. I’ve been writing it for seven years in March and throughout that time the online world has changed dramatically. While it used to be all about the blogging, now it’s just merely one of so many other things, whether that be instagram, you tube or any other form of social media. I felt a bit lost with my blog last year, I felt like I should be massively concentrating on You Tube and as such I really let this take a back seat at times. For 2018 though I want to get back into writing on here regularly, whether that be family posts, travel posts, fitness posts, fashion posts, brand collaborations or just general ramblings. I feel like my readers on here are pretty loyal (hello!), they have been with me a long time so I feel like it is definitely time to experiment when it comes to what I write on here.

I do find it hard to get the balance right between the amount of time I should dedicate to You Tube and the amount of time I should dedicate to blogging. So many more people are watching videos these days, but at the same time there is still an audience here and the beauty of a blog is that is purely your space. Taking photos is still my number one passion (although videography comes a close second) and I really want to get back to taking my DSLR out more and just generally taking photos just for the love of it. I want to make sure I put regular natural content up on here while still concentrating on growing my You Tube channel which is obviously really important nowadays.

I am so proud of this blog and all the memories I have recorded on it as a result. Our family is ever changing and I want to make sure I take the time to write about them more. While of course writing about other passions I love like travel, interiors and fashion. For a long time I think I was afraid to take risks about what to write, but like I said above I feel like it is ok to experiment every now and again too.



With that in mind I decided over the festive period that I was going to do a few tweaks to my blog, just generally update the menus and things because it was getting quite out of date. Those few weeks turned into a whole new blog design. While I loved my old design and Jon and I worked so hard on it, I had had the same one for a good year and a half if not longer, and I just fancied a change. I almost like to think of your blog as an extension of yourself, and as people we grow, change and adapt, so why shouldn’t your online space too?

I decided first of all that I wanted to change my logo colours, I didn’t want to change my logo itself because I really like the camera with the globe as I think it is very me, but I decided that the yellow, red and green just weren’t really me anymore. While I still love bright colours, originally I chose that colour palette because I used to dress the children in very bright primary colours and also our old house was very brightly coloured in parts too.

As I’ve gotten older and in fact as the children have gotten older, I have found our styles have changed a little. The girls don’t tend to wear really bright primary colours anymore, they are growing up and finding their own style. And as we are renovating our house, I am finding that while I did our playroom, the girls room and Wren’s room in bright colours, I am more drawn towards slightly more muted colours, but that are still bright and colourful too if that makes sense. So I decided to draw inspiration from our recent living area makeover and change my blog logo to pink, grey and navy.



Generally my blog is pretty much the same in terms of pages, I have just updated them a little bit. The layout of the blog has changed, although I loved our last blog design and it was easy to find a post in terms of having a grid layout, I decided I want something a little more feminine and more magazine style. (If you click on the category tabs it is still in a grid layout though).

There are badges in the middle of the blog that link direct to my main category pages of travel, life, family and interiors, and I have also added a ‘shop my style’ page. Most of my favourite blogs I read have one of these and I love them because it is a really easy way to get inspiration. I need to update this a little more but I am excited to have this section to play around with. I have also taken off pages and menu items that weren’t really relevant to me anymore.




One thing that I need to sort out is my thumbnails, this new blog has portrait thumbnails as I find them a lot more visually pleasing than my old landscape ones, but as I have been writing this blog for nearly seven years you can only imagine the amount of blog posts I need to change. I have been working on it for four days solid, most nights till 12am or later, but I am still not even a quarter of the way there. Slowly I will get through them though while I am sat binge watching Netflix or other You Tube videos.

But bar that we are pretty much good to go and I am really excited about my new space. Much like changing your house I guess, it’s a bit like feng shui for my blog and I feel refreshed and motivated to start writing more regularly on here again for 2018. It feels good to feel happy and I am excited to start writing some lovely content on here again.

There are some other things I want to add in the not so distant future too so watch this space for more subtle changes happening.







Thanks as always to my ever so patient husband who has spent a fair few evenings working on it with me to make sure it is all in working order, and sacrificing his own work in the process. He really is one in a million and I am so grateful that he supports me in all I do.



All that is left to say is to wish you all a really happy 2018. We are going into this year with very much a blank slate, but our plans for this year are to save save save and do some more things to the house (money allowing it would be my dream to get one big project done this year, whether that be one of the bathrooms or the garden), I’d love to as well as have some adventures too if we can. 2017 was the biggest yet in terms of travel and I have that massive itch that comes with being a bit of a travel nut. We have one trip planned in February (skiing again we are so excited!) and apart from that our diaries are pretty free. I want to go on a big trip in the Easter holidays before Wren turns two and we have to pay for five plane tickets (ouch!), but who knows where? I think the excitement comes in the planning and anticipation as much as the trip itself.

All we can hope is that 2018 is a happy and healthy year for us all. Have you any goals for 2018?


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