Life • March 21, 2014

Run Run Run…

Back in January of this year, I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle.  I had got myself into a bit of a rut of eating badly and not doing any exercise.  I have never been overweight but I was at my heaviest since having LL, and was also seriously unfit.  I just generally wasn’t healthy at all.  After many wasted gym memberships over the years, I didn’t hold out much hope, but suprisingly I have stuck at it so far.

On my first day of my new mission, I made the rookie error of getting on my gym gear, only to find out the gym was in actual fact closed.  As I had psyched myself up I didn’t want to let my new found enthusiasm go to waste, so I decided to run around the block.  Bearing in mind I have never ever run before (unless a wasp was chasing me or I thought that the shop was about to shut and I wouldn’t be able to buy chocolate), I wasn’t holding out much hope.  But that first night I ran a slow mile, and I actually really enjoyed it.  Since then I have begun to run regularly and I can honestly say it has changed my life.

I have lost inches off my waist, lost a stone in eight weeks, and I just feel healthier.  I have a lot more energy, I feel less lethargic and my mind feels more active.  I find that running helps me, it’s almost a form of therapy- I stick my headphones on, listen to some music as loud as I can, and just run whereever my legs will take me.  It helps clear my head and if I am in a bad mood when I set off, I can guarantee that I will feel better by the time I have finished.

The Benefits of running

After years of being inactive and losing confidence in myself since becoming a Mum, I am really enjoying feeling a bit stronger.  I am pushing myself and my body and have no plans to stop.  I have signed up for a 10k race in June, and two half marathons in August and October.  If you had told me twelve weeks ago I would be signing up for a half marathon I would have choked on my chocolate bar in shock.  I am running these races to raise money for The Lullaby Trust in honour of Matilda Mae, to show Jennie that she hasn’t been far from my thoughts this past year.  If anyone wants to sponsor me, even if it’s a few pennies that would be amazing.


(Looking exceptionally awkward about being in a photo without a small child.)

I know when you aren’t interested in a certain exercise, it can be a little nauseating to hear other people’s workouts.  I am not trying to be smug, I am not fit at all, but I genuinely am feeling really proud and I have decided I want to document my running journey on my blog occasionally.  I have had some really lovely emails and messages from other Mums who have been inspired to start running from seeing my photos and posts and so I thought that it would be nice to look back on.  I have also found lots of ladies who I didn’t realise ran and have been completely inspired by them too.

It really is only the start of my running journey, and I am still a complete beginner, but I am looking forward to where this new fitness journey will take me.  I know that if I manage to train and complete that first half marathon in August then I will feel like the proudest person alive.  It isn’t a lot compared to some, but for someone who has never really been into exercise, it will feel like the biggest achievement to me.

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