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My Second Half Marathon and My Fitness Mission for September.

Technically I am cheating a little with this months post because I am behind in writing about my fitness in September and I only completed my second half marathon the weekend just gone.  But as I am still on a complete high I have decided to merge the two together.

On Sunday I ran my second ever half marthon, taking part alongside 3786 other runners in the Perkins Great Eastern Run.  I hadn’t been well during the week and was still not feeling 100 percent, so was not sure how I would get on, but under strict instructions from Mr E to stop if I felt unwell at any point, I decided to give it a go.

I was so nervous before hand as it was the first ‘proper’ race I had done, with my previous 10k and half marathon being local events with under 500 runners.  I am not particularly great with crowds, but actually the race was really well organised and I felt pretty good as I lined up next to the other participants.  And that was it, we were off.  The first couple of miles were quite hard work, having not run regularly this month, but I soon got into the swing of things and I actually really enjoyed myself.   The course was great, with lots to look at because of it’s city centre location and nice and flat as well.

It was a totally different atmosphere to my previous races, with lots of crowd support and people lining the streets.  It actually made me a little teary and emotional on a couple of occasions, as people were high fiving you and cheering along the route, even offering jelly babies for a sugar fix.  I felt really well and the time went pretty quickly, until mile ten when I started to feel tired.

Miles eleven and twelve were the hardest, my legs felt so heavy and I just wanted it to be over, but once I reached mile 13 I knew the end was in sight and I happily crossed the finish time in an official time of 1.51.05, and came 262nd out of 1468 women racing.  I still can’t quite believe that I managed that time, that’s seven minutes faster than my first one in August.

great eastern run1

Pre/Post race supplies- I took gels properly for the first time and actually think they worked pretty well, although I have no clue how to fuel properly.

great eastern run3

Post run, major high,  ‘I got a shiny medal’  (red) face.

great eastern run2

With my girlies.

And here is my fitness mission for September…


September was a funny old month for me in terms of exercise.  We didn’t have a working bathroom for almost three weeks, which meant we were having a fair few washes in the downstairs toilet or begging family, so as such my usual running routine of (usually) twice a week slowed down a bit.  Indeed looking at my app for September, it says I only ran four times which is pretty poor.

I still did the odd kettlebell session in the evening, just for ten minutes or so, but even that was a little less than normal, about once or twice a week.  However I am not too concerned as we have been so busy the last few weeks, hopefully life will get back to our normal routine and therefore so will my exercise.  Because of this lack of running, I am still shocked I managed to run the half marathon as well as I did.


Likewise my diet hasn’t been too good this month.  We have been eating out a lot, which means I can’t resist dessert or yummy dinners.  However I really have changed my mindset when it comes to food, meaning if I have a few days of non stop eating, I just watch what I eat the next few days after that.

I am still struggling a little with this mystery illness that I have had the last few months and as such I may have lost slightly too much weight, as I obviously struggle to eat when I am sick, so I am now focusing on maintaining the weight I am now rather than losing anymore.  Overall though, I am happy with what I am eating, we generally eat relatively healthily with the odd treat here and there.


September wasn’t the best month in terms of my fitness, but it is part of my lifestyle now so I can afford to do more some months and less the others depending on how busy we are.  Bar my sickness episodes, for which I am now under hospital care for, I feel the healthiest I have ever been.  I feel strong, have so much energy and still feel so passionate about running.  I can’t believe how much it has changed my life and I have already signed up for a few more races to keep me motivated throughout the winter months.


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