Life • February 23, 2018

We are still here…. just about (and random ramblings)

Oh Hey!

It’s me… you know the one who at the start of the year said they were going to write regularly on this blog from now on, who felt sad that this space had been neglected a little with all the other online shenanigans like Instagram, Facebook and You Tube (don’t get me started about how much time I waste on instagram stories)? Well I suddenly realised that I haven’t written on here since the 6th February. Where does the time go? That’s well over two weeks and it isn’t boding well with my ‘turn over a new blogging leaf’ goal I set myself at the start of the year.

In all honesty though, I do have a *sort* of good reason for my small hiatus. Half term began and we headed straight off to France for a skiing holiday. It was all kinds of wonderful and I am already missing the fresh mountain air. I have got lots of posts to come about our week in the snow (I’ve already posted the videos here and here if you fancy a look). Little Wren got poorly towards the end of the trip and then since we came back it’s been one bug after another.

Touch wood I genuinely don’t get poorly much, I might moan about a headache here and there but for the most part I don’t really get ill. But both Wren and I have been feeling so rough this past few days, I had to take him to A & E last weekend due to him not being able to get his ridiculously high temperature down. It turns out he had a bad form of croup and an ear infection (that explains why he screamed the entire flight back from France- thank goodness it was only an hour and a bit long!) And for the first time in years I had to ask Jon to look after the kids on Monday because I couldn’t actually get out of bed. The shivers, the sweats, sore throats, headaches, you name it I felt it. Typically this was on a week when I had a few things booked in the diary for a while now, two events in London being the main ones. I went to them both and had a lovely time but I definitely think it’s set me back a bit, it’s taking ages to shake these bugs off.

So my post for today is mainly to say that I am still alive (I am aware I have readers on here who don’t want to see my ugly mug in full HD on You Tube or don’t want to keep up with our escapades on instagram) and hopefully normal service will resume soon. I still really want to keep to my goal of posting on here regularly, I am literally over flowing with content ideas for this blog, but it just takes time to take photos, or write words, etc etc, especially when I am also trying to film three videos a week for You Tube too. I have some nice brand collaborations coming up over the next couple of weeks on here, plus of course some photos of our skiing holiday too (and I WILL get to the end of my California travel posts… it’s not like it’s nearly been A YEAR or anything).

I’ll leave you with some unrelated photos that I took just before we went away that I feel just need to be on here for the memories if nothing else. Mads and I went to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman (which is probably one of the best films I have seen in so long, I don’t normally like musicals but it was incredible) and we took some silly selfies before we went out. I love them, in fact I am probably over due a blog post dedicated to my wonderful seven year old. She’s fast growing up into an incredibly special little person. It was great spending some one on one time with her, and these photos make me smile.

Anyway hopefully we’ll be back to normal next week…

(PS If you are a blogger/you tuber/instagrammer/etc do you find it easy to get a balance between what you post on?)

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