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When Potty Training Just Doesn’t Happen- Our Potty Training Journey with Huggies.

I always call LL ‘our easy child.’ Now any parent with two or more children will know that when you are pregnant with your second you just cannot imagine having enough love to go around. But then once they arrive you realise that however many children you have, there will be more than enough space in your heart and your life, for them all. However you end up loving them exactly the same, but in completely different ways, for of course they are their own little people with different personalities and attributes.

So LL has always been the ‘easy’ one. Not as a newborn actually, Mads was a lot more laid back and relaxed than her little sister when she was tiny. But as they have got older, LL just is really chilled out. She’s happy to play on her own, she is no trouble at all, (except when she has a rare, almighty tantrum) and she is just happy to go with the flow. It’s taken her a bit longer than her sister to meet her milestones, she talked way later and still is relatively quiet when it comes to her speech development, but she is perfect and gets there in the end. However there is one thing that we seem to have hit a bit of a brick wall with, and that is potty training.

Way back almost in the first few months of 2015 I signed up to be a Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassador. I even made a video on my top tips on potty training as it was so easy with my eldest daughter.  It was something I was really excited about as we had used Huggies Pull-Ups and indeed their wipes throughout our parenting journey. At the time when we agreed to work with them, I remember clearly saying in an email that it was perfect timing as LL was going to be potty trained in the very near future.

Here we are almost a year later and potty training just hasn’t happened for us. LL will be three in February and we are still haven’t even grasped the basics of potty training. Her big sister was fully potty trained by the time LL arrived, so she would have been approximately 26 months. But it just isn’t happening for our little LL. I admit that a lot of it has been on my part, we have either been travelling a lot so I will say ‘OK well we do it after we have been there’ or I have been feeling particularly tired in pregnancy. But also LL just isn’t particularly interested in being potty trained.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that nearly three isn’t particularly old and I know that she will get there eventually, she won’t be a teenager still in nappies! But I really wanted to get her potty trained before April when our new baby arrives, I didn’t particularly want two little people in nappies and I also didn’t want to have to worry about LL regressing or trying to potty train her while juggling a newborn. It isn’t the end of the world, but it is just something I wanted to have achieved.

Last week, with Christmas out the way and with the grey, wet weather meaning we want to hibernate, we decided to give it a go and just go cold turkey. She has been wearing pull up’s in the day for months, so she can learn to pull them up and down, and as they’re designed to make potty training easier teaching children the difference between wet and dry’, plus also because she likes the patterns on them more her nappies. So one morning we decided that was it, we would put ‘big girl knickers’ on her. She was super excited to be doing this, mainly because her knickers had Peppa Pig on them. We carefully positioned the potty where it could be seen at all times and every half an hour or so asked her if she wanted to sit on there and try for a wee wee. For the first couple of hours it was a bit of a novelty, she sat on there excitedly without doing a wee or anything else. But then after a while she soon got fed up of that game and got a bit upset when we asked her.

She had her lunch and had some juice with lunch so we asked her again if she wanted a wee. She said no, before having an accident. Then an hour or so later she had another one. We put her pull up on her for nap time and when she woke up we took it off and tried again. Yet another accident. As yet she hasn’t ever done a wee on the potty. Mads was doing a wee on there for a fair few months before we even began potty training her properly, but to date LL has never done a wee on there.

Perhaps we should have persevered the next day. But due to her reluctance to even sit on there, let alone do anything on there, we decided that we would wait another week or so and try again. A few people have mentioned to me that their children went straight to the toilet and completely bypassed the potty so I wondered whether to try that instead next time we give it a go.

I’ve been reading all the expert tips and tricks on the Huggies website. There is loads of helpful advice on there and I feel fully armed and ready to go. But I don’t want to upset or give LL any negative associations with the potty. This is all new to me as Mads potty trained really easy. I know LL understands what is going on, but for some reason the whole potty training thing just hasn’t worked for us.

Armed with advice from the Huggies team I am going to give it another go in a week or so and in the meantime we will keep wearing pull-ups and see how we get on. But if you have any advice on what worked with your little people I would love to know. I don’t think this is going to be a straightforward process for us so I would love to know what helped you succeed. And in the meantime wish me luck!

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