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We are working with Land Rover on this campaign but all words and opinions are our own. Please note, this post may contain some features that are optional and available at an extra price.

When it comes to this blogging malarkey, I feel like Jon is really long suffering. For six years now he has been taking photos for me behind the scenes, stopping work in the middle of the day to help me film a video, and mainly just let me document our lives for this long. He loves how much I have a passion for it and I know deep down he is incredibly grateful for all the memories that we have documented as a result of my blog, not forgetting of course the many opportunities we have had as well. But I genuinely haven’t seen him quite as excited about anything as much as he was about the recent exciting campaign we recently got to work on.

When Land Rover got in touch to see if we wanted to spend the weekend with the all new Land Rover Discovery, to say Jon jumped at the chance is the biggest understatement. He was so excited and was counting down the days until it arrived. He is a massive car buff and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of most cars out there, and he was so incredibly excited to get the opportunity to try out the new Land Rover.

The All-New Discovery redefines the large SUV. Landrover’s design and engineering teams have revolutionised what people already knew and loved about the old Discovery to create a highly desirable, extremely versatile and hugely capable premium SUV. The car apparently is classed as perfect for the modern family, who enjoy exploring together as a unit, with seven full size seats so everybody can have a comfortable journey. Indeed having a seven seater car is something that is a HUGE factor for us at the moment, being that we are now a family of five. We need a car that is comfortable to drive and be big enough to fit all of us plus the inevitable paraphernalia that young children bring, and of course we want it to look stylish too.

Our current car is a seven seater car, it’s perfectly fine to drive and it is comfortable and good for us as a family. It’s just not very ‘sexy’ if that makes sense. So we were both incredibly excited to try out the new Land Rover Discovery. For Jon it seemed to have all the things that he would look for in a car- a bit of oomph, some seriously slick mod cons, practical things for a family like intelligent seat fold (you can fold down the seats electronically using an app on your phone) and ample space for us all. For me when I was reading about it before it arrived, I thought it looked amazing- I loved the idea of the in control Infotainment, including Sat Nav, Web browsing, Bluetooth, screens in the back of the seats for the kids, the big sunroofs (that open!) and also all the mod cons as well.

First impressions of the car when it arrived was that it was seriously gorgeous. I am not one to get particularly excited by cars, but even I was incredibly impressed with the new Land Rover Discovery. It looked amazing, with curves in all the right places. It had big chunky wheels (not a technical term!) which made me feel safe when I was in the car with my most precious cargo. And then where do I start on the interior? Oh my goodness it was absolutely gorgeous. The model we had, which was quite high spec, had a cream leather with a neon orange trim and it was just stunning. The car had so much space inside with the seven seats, we set it up so Mads and LL were right at the back (which they loved) and our baby boy was in the middle row. However we could have done it with a variety of different set ups. The dashboard was stunning (all words I never thought I would use to describe a car) and it had the coolest screen I have ever seen in a car- with so many different things you could do on it, including browse the web, control the screens at the back, check the weather, listen to music via bluetooth, sat nav, and check out the reversing cameras as well.

Did it live up to our expectations though? We said to the girls that they could choose where we went for the day and straight away they said the beach. So we set off to Mersea Island in Essex off to put it to the test…

Two excited little girls clutching their DVD’s ready for the journey. They were so incredibly excited that the seats had screens in the back of them, so they settled down to watch 101 Dalmatians. I fear no car journey will ever be the same again, I wish we had them in our current car. As you can see their car seats fit really nicely in the back seats. I think it suits him! We were joking about cruising round with the windows open, but the reality is that the Land Rover Discovery really does seem to make an impact on people. We had lots of admiring glances from fellow car buffs when we were driving around in it. My step dad already owns a relatively new Land Rover and my Dad was thinking about getting one for his caravan (he loved the idea of the electronic tow bar) so we took it to show them and they were so impressed with it- I think we should definitely get some commission from Land Rover as my Dad is really considering buying one. 😉 Jon just loved the car so much, he was so sad to give it back.

​It was our first time to Mersea Island and after stopping for some lunch on route we didn’t arrive until quite late. The sun was shining, although it was still a bit nippy, but the first thing we did was head for a walk along the beach. I don’t think I have ever seen such pretty beach huts, they brightened up the already beautiful day with their pastel colours dotting the horizon.

After stopping for ice cream and a warm drink to warm us up (why is the seaside always so windy?) we spotted a little shop selling buckets and spades. Of course straight away the girls were begging us for once. I honestly don’t know why we get more organised and bring them with us, as inevitably we know that they are always going to want one. So we bought them both a bucket and spade and we headed back on to the beach for some serious digging and sandcastle building.

 It was late afternoon by this point and the light was beautiful, it was a photographer’s dream. We stayed on the beach for a good couple of hours, them playing non stop and Jon and I just sitting there chatting, playing with our baby boy (who wanted to eat the sand constantly) and stopping to take photos of them. They were in their element, it just goes to show you that you don’t need much for them to have the best time. They could have stayed out there all day I think. After a couple of hours it was starting to get really chilly and the sun was practically gone so we bundled them back into the Discovery and turned the heating on full blast to warm up (hello heated seats! It even had a heated steering wheel which Jon appreciated!).

By this point it was getting really late so we started to head out of Mersea to go home. But we then realised that the girls hadn’t had any dinner so we headed to a nearby supermarket and picked up some snacky bits. We drove back down to the waters edge, parked up the car, popped Lady and the Tramp on the DVD player, and sat watching the sunset while the girls ate a picnic in the back of the car. I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of my happiest memories in a long time. The view was beautiful and it really was so lovely. We sat there for ages just admiring the view.

The light was perfection and I made sure I took lots of photos of the car while the girls tucked into their little back seat picnic. I probably took too many but the light was just so gorgeous I had to share them all. Why can’t we have sunsets like this every day?

All snuggled up watching Lady and the Tramp. Such a lovely end to a wonderful day.

 I think it suits me. Although I didn’t drive it as I was too nervous as it wasn’t ours. 😉

     Such a beautiful sunset. It really was the loveliest day. We drove home with our bucket and spades in the Discovery’s spacious boot and within minutes three little people were fast asleep. Jon and I drove home listening to my Spotify playlist via my phone on bluetooth, chatting and having a bit of peace that only happens in the car when they are asleep nowadays!


The next day was Mother’s Day so we had a busy day planned with family. But first we had to take a family selfie in the Discovery, minus one member who was fast asleep in his car seat.

We headed over to my Grandma’s for lunch. The sun was shining again, the nicest day of the year so far, and we played in the garden for ages.

  Getting him into his cars young. 😉

After a lovely day it was time to get ready for school on Monday, but not before we headed to the park for one last play of the weekend. The clocks had gone forward that day, so we had to take advantage of the first lighter evening of the year.

All in all we absolutely loved our weekend with the all new Land Rover Discovery. The car was absolutely stunning, I don’t normally get excited by cars, but even I was blown away with all the amazing features of the car. But while it looked fantastic and got many admiring glances, it also was incredibly functional for a family of five with young children like ours. Land Rover has thought of everything to help families out, from the 1.5 litre bottle holder in the armrest (to stop the constant cries of ‘We are thirsty” to the electronic boot lid (where you wave your foot under the sensor of the boot and it will open), Land Rover really have got it completely right when it comes to a functional yet luxurious family car.

Not only did it have some amazing features inside the car, but the car was so nice to drive as well according to Jon. The all new Discovery is a BIG car, after all it packs an impressive seven seats, however it didn’t feel too big. I didn’t drive it because I was nervous as it wasn’t ours, but I think even I would be able to manage parking it thanks to clever features like the park assist cameras and 360 park distance control.

It just generally has made it’s way up to the stop spot for the car of our dreams. Jon was already dreaming of one, but now even I would absolutely love one. It really is a fantastic car for families who love having adventures. I tried to stop the man coming to take it away, but unfortunately he wasn’t having any of it!



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