Life • August 17, 2015

We are in the Cath Kidston #BagsToSchool Film!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that my big girl is starting school in September. It’s a really exciting but slightly overwhelming time for us, although we are physically ready and organised, I think it’s going to take a little longer for me to fully accept that this stage of our lives are over and that Mads is soon going to be starting an altogether new journey at primary school. I am sure that any other Mum in my position will be feeling the same- although we are looking forward to it it’s all a bit emotional.

A few weeks ago we had a really surreal day centered all around those first day nerves. We were approached by one of my all time favourite brands Cath Kidston to work on a really exciting new campaign. One Wednesday around 8am a team of seven people, including the director, the ladies from CK, and the camera men, descended upon our house to start a day of filming. Our little three bedroom home became a film set for the day, where we shot a series of scenes focusing on the first day of school.

The team were incredible, such a lovely bunch and on the whole Mads was a really good girl. It was a bit of a strange situation for her, having all this attention placed mainly on her, but we had a really fun day and we loved shooting the different parts of the film. I absolutely loved chatting to the team and seeing behind the scenes of a professional shoot. (You can see a little bit behind the scenes on my video here)

You will see from the finished film that there is one part where Mads had a big ploppy tear rolling down her cheek- we had done a fair few takes of that one scene and she had got teary about something completely unrelated, but we didn’t realise the cameras were still rolling. Cath Kidston asked if they could use it, to which we said of course. I think it completely sums up how we are all going to be feeling on that first day of school. Looking at that little tear makes me feel so emotional, in fact the whole film does. We were given eye drops to put in our eyes so we would appear more emotional but to be honest I really didn’t need them- it made me well up- firstly being part of such an amazing campaign and secondly because I am really still feeling really sad about the fact Mads is growing up so fast.

Cath Kidston is one of those brands that will always hold a place in my heart. It evokes nostalgia in me and you don’t have to look very hard to find CK pieces dotted all over our house. When I found out I was pregnant with Mads I remember feeling so excited to get the chance to buy Cath Kidston for my little girl- those beautiful, cute prints and sweet baby items, and I can not even begin to explain how honoured and grateful I am that they wanted to work with our family too.

We waited a few weeks for the film to come out and when I saw it for the first time at the weekend I couldn’t help but get a little teary. The finished result is more beautiful than I could have imagined and I absolutely love it. The other families starring in it, Kat and Kat (all the K’s) also have shot gorgeous scenes and we couldn’t be more pleased with it. I think it captures all the different emotions that a first day of school brings, including happiness, nerves, sadness, fear, excitement, but above all lots of happy smiles. (And the odd tear too.) The team have done such a great job and as I said before, I truly am honoured to be able to work with Cath Kidston- sometimes I have to pinch myself that my blog has bought me these amazing opportunities.


The new season Cath Kidston bags are truly gorgeous (this is the one that Mads has in the video but we also have this robot one too) and the perfect centre piece to the #BagsToSchool campaign. LL has this little ballerina rucksack too which she puts all her essentials in- on the day of the filming she wore it non stop all day!

cathkidston3We are going to be working closely with Cath Kidston over the next few weeks, I have a blog post coming up on their blog shortly and we are also taking over their instagram feed on the weekend of the 29th August, so be sure to come and say hi to me! Thank you to the whole team for capturing such a beautiful film that fully captures all the emotions I will be feeling on the 7th September when I wave my little girl off on the newest part of her journey. I am over the moon to be working with such a fantastic brand.


 NB: We were compensated for our work in the #BagsToSchool campaign- but all words and opinions are entirely my own. I am truly grateful to be working with Cath Kidston and keep pinching myself!

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