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Test Driving the new Citroën Grand C4 Picasso

When we were discussing whether we should try for a third baby, one of the first things we said was ‘but what about our car?’ That sounds ridiculous but it’s true. A lot of things in life are catered for families with one or two children-‘family tickets’ at theme parks for two adults and two children, hotel rooms for up to four as just two examples. Our previous car was perfect for our family of four, but all of a sudden adding an extra member meant that it suddenly wasn’t quite so good for us.

One of our biggest requirements when we were looking into a family car for five was that we could fit three car seats with ISOFIX across the middle. This was because we didn’t like the idea of one of the girls being put at the back and feeling a bit left out. When we were doing our research we found that there isn’t actually all that many cars that allow you to do this. We are at that point in our lives, much to my husband’s disappointment as he still wishes he could have a sports car, that our car needs to be spacious, safe but still a little bit stylish. They are our main requirements.

Citroën recently got in touch with us to see if we would like to test drive the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso for a week. Of course, I replied, thinking it would be nice to drive around in a brand new swanky family wagon for a few days. The Citroën Grand C4 Picasso is a seven seater car, that brings you the essence of Citroën design and technological innovation.

When the lovely man from Citroën dropped it off for us and showed us round, I must admit doing that typical thing that people who don’t really know about cars do and saying ‘wow I love the colour’- but it’s true, I did! It was a very dark slate grey colour and looked very slick. I also loved all the mod con’s the car had, like the panoramic glass sunroof (so sexy, if you can possibly call a car sexy!), the way you unlocked and locked the doors by swiping the handle and opened the boot by putting your foot under the bottom of the car. I also LOVED the touch screen navigation, the whole dashboard was electronic and just looked so nice. it was almost like having a computer on board, and putting on music was a dream.

citroen_grand_c4_picasso_2citroen_grand_c4_picasso_3    citroen_grand_c4_picasso_5 citroen_grand_c4_picasso_6 citroen_grand_c4_picasso_7 citroen_grand_c4_picasso_12citroen_grand_c4_picasso_13IMG_4682

We were really pleased to see that it fitted our three car seats across the middle row with ease. It was a slightly tight fit, but all went in and felt safe and secure on the ISOFIX. As I delved deeper into looking at the car, I found so many things that make it so practical for families. There were under floor compartments under both middle seats, perfect for the children to put their bits in without making the car untidy. There was lots of boot space, perfect for all the paraphernalia that comes with having small children. The best bit of all for the children though was the tray tables on the back of the seats. ‘It’s like being on an airplane’ Mads exclaimed, but it really is so very handy for long car journeys. There’s a little light you can turn on and off, and the tray means they could draw, eat a snack and have a drink etc, without making too much mess.

citroen_grand_c4_picasso_8In the interest of research (and because it was bank holiday and we had already arranged to meet up with friends!) we took our Citroën Grand C4 Picasso to Woburn Safari Park for a day out. We packed all our bits and pieces into the spacious boot (big boot equals heaven- when did we get so old?!) Here we are loving life before we were about to set off. Check out that panoramic roof.

citroen_grand_c4_picasso_14citroen_grand_c4_picasso_11citroen_grand_c4_picasso_9 That lion is checking our 17 inch alloy wheels for sure.

citroen_grand_c4_picasso_10 While this monkey is looking glum cause he realised he is on ‘some other car brand’ and not on our snazzy Citroën. citroen_grand_c4_picasso_16 And finally after almost getting to the end of the monkey enclosure, we finally got what everyone who goes to the safari park wants- a monkey climbed on our car. Made even better because we could see him through the panoramic roof! The girls were so excited, although I was a tiny bit worried we might have to give the car back to Citroën broken or missing a wing mirror or something. 😉


We had a lovely day with our friends and on the way home we realised that the car definitely passed the comfy factor. Both the girls (and me!) snoozed the whole way home.

The next day we thought we would head on our annual ‘take photos in the lavender’ trip, albeit this time in our snazzy Citroën Grand C4 Picasso. The day was a little bit of a fail (I will share the photos soon!) as the lavender had turned from a beautiful sea of purple at the start of the summer to a few dried up brown sprigs. But on the way there Jon and I talked about the car and what we liked more or less than our current car, which is a Ford S Max. We both agreed that we loved the way the car looked, it really is stylish even though it is a large car. We also agreed that we really liked the little extras that you get in this car, things like the tray tables, the electronic dashboard, and the fact that it had a lot more space inside the car with things like the storage compartments etc. (Although the boots on both cars are almost identical in size- both big which is exactly what you need with a family of five)

We had the automatic version of the car for the week and I must admit I was a little nervous to drive it for a week (the last thing you want to do is crash a car you have borrowed!) as I have never driven an automatic before, but I have a few go’s just around our town and I found it really nice to drive. Jon did most of the driving and he said that the car felt great to drive considering the size of it. He said it was ‘easy’ and pleasurable to drive. We also both said how spacious it was, and that is a huge consideration for us when choosing a car.

lavender2016_d lavender2016_ecitroen_grand_c4_picasso_1We finished our day at the lavender farm with a picnic in the boot. Which is kind of a compulsory summer activity. The girls agreed the boot was comfy to sit in, if boot picnics are a requirement for you when looking into buying a family car. 😉

citroen_grand_c4_picasso_4Overall we really enjoyed being part of the #citroenfamily for a week and driving around in our swanky Citroën Grand C4 Picasso and I kept hoping that the man from Citroën would forget to come and pick it up. Sadly he didn’t! We really liked a lot of aspects about the car as I mentioned above, but the main was that it just completely fit our requirements as a family of five. Like I said at the start of my post our main three requirements for our family car are that it is spacious, safe and a little bit stylish.

Was it spacious? Yes definitely, the car was big, with enough boots space for a whole weeks shopping, scooters, bikes and a buggy, plus the kitchen sink and all the other things you need when travelling with young children. You could fit three car seats across the middle row which again was another main thing for us as well. The car had so much storage space as well which is something that we realised our current car doesn’t have much of, and the girls loved the tray tables and little hidden compartments. The interior really felt roomy.

Was it safe? It certainly felt safe and sturdy while driving it, and the fact that ISOFIX was on all three seats was a welcome bonus as well. The car has got a 5* star Euro NCAP rating which is the highest you can get, so obviously that is peace of mind when you are transporting your most precious little cargo about.

And lastly was it stylish? Yes we thought so. The car looked great, with large 17 inch alloy wheels, that lovely panoramic roof and lots of mod cons.

We really enjoyed test driving it for a week and when we come to upgrade our car again in the future, the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso may well be a contender!


NB: We are working with Citroën on this campaign. All content, photos, words and opinions are entirely my own.

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