Life • August 11, 2015

Potty Training with Huggies Pull Ups…

I remember when we began to potty train Mads I thought it was a really big deal. Here was my baby all of a sudden deciding she wanted to wear big girl knickers. I had no idea what I was doing really, but we just gave it a go and my little girl surprisingly did really well and potty training her was a bit of a breeze really.

Mads was fully potty trained by twenty seven months. However LL is now thirty months and we have only really just begun to even think about potty training her. We are a lot more relaxed this time round, we know there is no rush and that she will get there in her own time. Her speech has developed tremendously over the last couple of months and she chatters away non stop, but she’s still a little behind her big sister developmentally wise. I am a lot more relaxed as a parent and I know that she will get there eventually, so we see no sense in making her do anything that she doesn’t want to do.

That being said, we have started to put some small processes in place to help LL get to understand a little bit more about potty training. We have started talking to her more about it and get her used to the idea behind what is going to happen when she starts to wear ‘big girl knickers’. That’s why when Huggies got in touch with us a couple of months ago to ask us if we wanted to be Pull-Up Ambassadors, we jumped at the chance as it came at just the right time.

I used Pull-Up’s a lot with my biggest daughter. We used them in a number of different ways- firstly a couple of months before we started fully potty training her, we used them every now and again as a way of getting used to the concept of pulling them up and down, then when we were actually potty training her we used them as an extra security when we were out and about and also at night. And they really did work. We had lots of success with potty training Mads and so I wouldn’t have hesitated to use them when the time came to LL- therefore I am thrilled that we were approached by Huggies to work together.

We have just begun to use them periodically to get her used to the idea and we have started to talk to her more about the idea of potty training, reading books to her and buying her ‘big girl Peppa knick knicks’. I am not yet going to fully potty train her as we are in no rush and I don’t think she is ready, but we are definitely getting ready to do it by getting her more used to the concept.

So far the Pull-Up’s are going well. LL loves the Disney graphics and she likes pulling them up and down but as yet she still hasn’t done a wee or poo on the potty. In fact she just sees it as a bit of a game at the moment and spends half the time giggling while she is sat on it. But we have the potty permanently in our bathroom and are making sure that she sits on it when we get her naked in the evenings for bath time.

We are going to continue to chat to her about it over the next couple of months and then I think we will perhaps start trying once Mads is settled into her new school routine and LL and I have some more time together on our own. In the meantime we are really excited to have Huggies supporting us on our potty training journey.

I made a little video talking about our top tips for potty training and what worked for us with Mads. If anyone has any other tips do let me know as I know what necessarily works for one child might not necessarily work for another…


NB: We are working with Huggies on an ongoing basis to promote their Pull Ups range. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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