Life • December 20, 2016

Pampers and Unicef

I wish I could rewind to the days my babies were born over and over again. There is simply nothing like meeting that little person you have been praying and wishing for every single day for nine months. Being pregnant and giving birth is such an incredible thing, yet also nerve wracking and a daunting time as well. While of course you can’t guarantee a straightforward birth in any country, there is one thing that we simply don’t have to worry about in the UK- and that is Maternal and Newborn Tetanus. The reason for this is there is a vaccine that is routinely given in the UK. Yet this sadly isn’t the case for thousands of women around the world. 49,000 babies still die every year from Maternal and Newborn tetanus (MNT), that’s shockingly one every 11 minutes.

I am really lucky to be working with Pampers over the course of this year and as such I get to help promote all things related to the brand. I wrote about it here, but Pampers is a brand I am really incredibly happy to be a part of, I was a ‘Pampers Baby’ and the very first nappy we put on all three of my children on the day they were born was one of those teeny tiny newborn Pampers, I still remember my husband doing Mads after my c-section and fumbling around trying to put it on- just think how many we have changed three children later! But I am also really happy to support Pampers as they do their best to help out to good causes too, something which I am excited to learn more about.

In October 2016  Pampers launched the annual Pampers-Unicef “1 pack = 1 vaccine” campaign, raising money for life-saving Maternal & Newborn Tetanus vaccination programmes (MNT). For every Pampers pack sold, Pampers will donate the cost of one tetanus vaccine to support Unicef in the fight against Maternal & Newborn Tetanus. It’s definitely a good time to stock up on Pampers and I myself will be doing that before the end of the month.

Since the Pampers-Unicef partnership began in 2006, Pampers has donated funds for 300 million vaccines, helping to protect 100 million mothers and their newborns against Maternal & Newborn Tetanus, and eliminating the disease in 19 countries, 19 countries are left. Half way to achieving the goal of eliminating MNT from the world, there are however 67 million mothers and babies still at risk. Just to put this into perspective, 49,000 babies still die every year from Maternal & Newborn tetanus (MNT). That’s one newborn fatality every 11 minutes.

There are two easy ways to get involved and help to eliminate MNT: either by buying a specially marked pack of Pampers nappies or wipes, or by sharing a photo of your baby using #PampersUnicef. You can head to Pampers Facebook page to share yours.  Pampers sent our baby boy a really sweet t-shirt and we decided to have a little photoshoot, it’s impossible to get him to look at the camera nowadays! I will be buying my Pampers and also sharing a photo of him on Facebook and twitter too.


NB: We are working with Pampers over the course of the year, but all words and opinions are entirely my own.

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