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When we first moved into our current home we knew we wanted to renovate it from top to bottom. We had no idea how long it would take us, but we have always known that this would be the home that we more than likely live in until our children are adults (unless our circumstances drastically change).

We’ve actually done a lot more to the house at this stage than I thought we would have done. A lot of this is due to the fact that Jon got an extended contract on his work in 2018, which enabled us to do the garden and the bathroom sooner than we thought. We have also done major renovation work when we first moved in, and then a massive renovation project of our kitchen remodel/garage conversion at the latter end last year.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you may well know that I have been working with VELUX over the last year. It’s been amazing being one of their ambassadors, having had VELUX roof windows fitted in both our previous home and this one we currently live in, they are big part of making our home feel like a space that fully works for us.

I am a huge fan of natural light in a home. If you were to pop round to our house for a cup of tea you may notice that our home is really bright, even on the darkest days. One of the reasons we bought our home was because it had big high ceilings (bigger than a normal house of this age and style),  as well as large windows. I love natural light way more than the artificial light you get from lamps or spotlights, I think it’s the photographer in me, there is nothing better than natural light and the way in which on a sunny day light beams in through glass windows.

I thought that I would do a little round up of my posts and videos with VELUX (I have also done instagram content too), in case it helps anyone who is thinking about getting VELUX roof windows in their home.

My VELUX Posts….

The first post I did for VELUX was chatting all about our upcoming partnership and about the previous renovation in our old house- we added a lean to warm conservatory extension to our old home and used VELUX roof windows to add natural light and create a sense of space.

This was the extension in our old home and the first time we had used VELUX in a home that we owned. I had VELUX previously in a flat I rented in Leeds and I loved them. They were in my bedroom and I loved lying in bed and hearing the rain pelting down against the windows. With our old extension we wanted to create a sense of space and also let in lots of light as because as we had added the conservatory to the back of the house, it meant that the living room which it was attached to had the potential of feeling darker now it was further away from the light from our back garden.

The VELUX roof windows let in so much light and I loved that room so much. It transformed the way we lived in our house, and it felt so good to have added the extension after living there for nearly seven years.

Also in my first post for VELUX I talked about our new extension. When we first moved into our current house, we held some money back that we had made from our previous house sale to kick start our renovation. We had an old fashioned pvc roof conservatory, one of those ones where they were stifling hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, and it just wasn’t a practical family space. So pretty much as soon as we moved in we had plans drawn up for a warm roof conservatory extension pretty similar to the one we had in our old house. Complete with VELUX roof windows of course.

Again our intention for the space was for it to be a bright light room, full of natural light, and a space where we could bring the outside in. I can’t begin to explain how much it has transformed our home and the way in which we live in it. We live in this room 90% of the time, especially now we have our puppy Rolo. It’s a cosy and comfy space in the winter, even on the dullest day the natural light pours in, and in the summer it is bright and a perfect space to entertain guests where we can go in and out the garden.

Before and after, I still can’t believe the transformation!


“When the sun comes out”

Our extension is great whatever the weather and weirdly while the room is one that we use all year round, it really changes depending on the season. In the spring and summer I feel like it really comes into it’s own. For my next VELUX post I chatted all about how much we loved our extension when the sun came out.

I love it in the warmer seasons when you can open up the VELUX roof windows and the bifold doors and the room becomes basically an extension of outside. The room is bright and airy, and the kids can run in and out and play to their hearts content.

Renovating our Garden

The garden was always going to be a relatively big priority for us in terms of our renovation. We have three children who want to be outside all the time. They are happiest when they are playing football in the garden or just generally being outdoors. We wanted to create a space in our garden that really felt like an extension of inside. We started giving our garden a makeover in the autumn of 2018 and it was finished in time for summer 2019, as we did bits and bobs as we went along.

We always knew we wanted artifical grass in our garden, having had it in our old house. While I love beautiful gardens full of flowers and plants, to be perfectly honest with you gardening doesn’t appeal to me much. We therefore wanted a no nonsense, easy to maintain garden, that our kids could use all year round.

We wanted our garden to compliment our extension, and make it feel like we were bringing the outside in and the inside out. I am literally counting down the days until summer when we can feel some warmth on our skin, when we can have BBQ’s in the garden, where we can open up our VELUX windows and our bifold doors and let all the air circulate around the house. While I love all the different seasons in their own way, summer I think is when our house really comes into it’s own. We also have the new addition of the kitchen bifold doors now too, and I just can’t wait to use the house to it’s full potential in the summer time. You can read all about our garden renovation here.

Christmas in our extension

Although summer will always be my favourite, our extension is also wonderful at Christmas time. It’s a time for family traditions, for making memories, and for just being together, and a lot of our family time is centered around our extension. It’s where we have our tree, so automatically in December we spend a lot of time in here. We have our annual festive day where we put up the tree, and it is a day that I look forward to every year. Because of all the glass in our extension, the lights twinkle and it feels like there’s about 10 trees in our room rather than just one. I love decorating our house for Christmas.

We make so many memories in our conservatory over Christmas. It’s where we have our ‘annual beige buffet’ sat on picnic blankets under the tree, it’s where we watch many different festive films, and it’s where we have our ‘sleepover under the stars’ where we all sleep on blankets next to the tree and stare up through the VELUX windows into the night sky above us. None of us get much sleep but it’s one of those traditions I will remember till I am old and grey (or older and greyer than I am now!).



I thought I would list all the posts below mentioning VELUX, also any other interior posts you might find interesting. I love writing interior posts and hope to write more in 2020. I have a few projects up my sleeve for 2020- first up I need to finish off our utility room and our snug, which is currently our puppy’s room for nighttime. Then I also want to give some rooms a fresh link of paint, namely our living room as we had an old alarm system taken down and it needs touching up. I also want to repaint our stairs and bannisters. I will always be looking for the next house project, I just enjoy it so much.


A house renovation update… and proud to be working with VELUX

When the sun comes out

Our garden renovation

Decorating the house for Christmas


Our conservatory extension- before and after

Family bathroom renovation- before and after

Girls shared bedroom tour- ice cream room

Boy’s nursery/bedroom tour

Our new home- BEFORE


Also here is my latest house tour video on you tube (two years into our renovations)- I still need to do one with the new kitchen as it has obviously changed massively since then.


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