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A Lazy Sunday and a Day in the Life in Photos…

Back before the days of You Tube and filming our day in the life videos on there, I used to love doing a day in the life in photos on here, recording our every day routine, our ordinary moments and our lazy weekends. While making videos is fun and pushes my creativity, there is something really special about photos and it’s something I miss. I want to try and do more this year, just to record the every day snippets of our lives together.

While I love being busy and having weekends filled with fun things to do, I genuinely do think that those weekends where we have no plans are my favourites. I love waking up on Saturday morning with the realisation that we actually have no plans and where we decide what to do. More often than not those weekends where we have no plans stay that way, because life is so busy we all really relish a day of staying indoors and snuggling together- although sometimes we just have to get out as we end up climbing the walls by 11am. But for the most part those days we call ‘PJ days’- where we stay in our pyjamas all day are our absolute favourites.

For my post today we are working with Jammie Dodger. They have launched a brand new, exciting product called Oaty Bites. Made with wholegrain oats and raspberry fruit pieces, they contain absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners, plus the are also lower in sugar than most kid’s mini biscuits on the market. The Raspberry Oaty Bites are designed to be a healthier biscuit snack for children under 5.

This past Sunday we woke up with no plans at all, bar a school birthday party for Lottie. We decided after a busy week in half term skiing and also a week of all feeling a bit under the weather, that a PJ day would be the perfect option. Here is our lazy Sunday in photos…


The girls (well Maddie!) usually get up anytime from 6am. On the weekend we tell her she has to go back to bed until at least 7am, she has an alarm on her watch so she sets it and then comes in 7am on the dot. We then usually give them the iPad or our phones to keep them quiet until we feel it is an acceptable time to get up. Weirdly these are my favourite moments of the weekend, I love snuggling in bed with them all. I also love the early morning sunshine that hits our bedroom (although we do need to get blinds soon!).


Breakfast/Chill time. We normally go down for breakfast at around 8am. The girls normally gobble theirs down (today it was cereal as we have that as a treat at the weekend) and then go and snuggle on the sofa in the family room and watch some TV while their little brother takes ages to eat his as he likes to feed himself. 

Little Lottie and I headed off to a party for one of two of her school friends. They all love a school birthday party and get so excited about the prospect of going.


Home from the party and Lottie can’t even get in the hallway without Maddie coming in to discuss party bags. They are really good girls and tend to share whatever was in their party bags with the other one. Why do all kids love party bags so much? 


Wren goes down for a sleep usually any time between 12.30 and 1.30pm. He is really good nowadays with naps and goes down awake and happy. The only thing is that sometimes at the weekend he isn’t as keen because he knows his sisters are downstairs having fun.


I am quite strict in nap time (mainly cause I don’t want Wren to get woken up) that the girls do a quiet activity, whether that’s playing a board game, doing some colouring or watching a film. First of all they wanted to pretend to make party bags and birthday cards for an imaginary party they were having with their cuddly toys.


Then it was time for a ‘quiet time snack’. This is their favourite part of their brother’s nap time as I let them have a little treat. Today they are having some Jammie Dodgers Oaty Bites. We have had a big box of these in the cupboard for the last couple of weeks and they are the girls new favourite.

Made with wholegrain oats and raspberry fruit pieces, they contain absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners plus they are also lower in sugar than most kid’s mini biscuits on the market. Bonus!

Today’s film of choice was the Wizard of Oz.


I didn’t take any photos between then and bedtime because my Dad popped over to see the children. It was lovely to see him and my Step Mum too. We normally go up to bed anytime after 6pm and we have a bath every other day. Bedtime can be crazy in our house but it is also my favourite part of the day. All three of them are normally at their funniest and cutest. After we have brushed their teeth and got into their PJ’s we split up- Wren goes to bed in his room, Jon takes Lottie to read her school book and then Maddie and I snuggle on our bed and read Harry Potter together. We are nearly finished Book Two and are slowly plodding through the whole series.


After we have read stories the girls normally jump into bed and we let them have about 20 minutes reading time on their own. This is where Maddie reads her school book and often Lottie will read too, or will listen to Maddie. They share a bed, even though they have their own beds since we moved into our new house they have pretty much shared a bed the entire time. It is really sweet and one day they will grow out of it, so we just let them get on with it.

I came upstairs to bed and found them like this. Often I will find them cuddled up or in the strangest positions, with Maddie down facing the wrong way or upside down. It’s sweet when I find them like this though.

And there we have a typical weekend day in the life for us. Like I said at the start these kind of days are my favourites, ones where we just snuggle together and relax. The most ordinary of days but definitely the ones I will remember the most when our children are older.




NB: Thanks to Jammie Dodger Oaty Bites for working with us on this post. All words and opinions are entirely my own. You can pick them up in Tesco RRP £1.69 and they are really delicious (just ask my husband who keeps pinching them from the snack cupboard!).

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