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I wanted to add a note at the start of this post to say I actually wrote it back in March before the start of lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic. I then decided alongside Citroen that it wouldn’t be an appropriate time to post, so I decided to wait until now. I appreciate Citroen being flexible and for letting me wait until now to post it…


For the last few months we have been testing out a new set of wheels- the Citroen C5 Aircross SUV.

As a family with three children and a new puppy, the car we get is really important as it needs to be big enough and practical enough for our family of five. When we got an email from Citroen asking if we could like to put their latest addition to the test to see if it held up to the demands of busy family life, we jumped at the chance. We’ve taken the car on holiday, to the beach, on long drives, on very short ones, and it has been our main car for the last few months. We’ve fully put it to the test to see how it coped with every day family life, and now I am doing a comprehensive review of how we found the car…

Is the new Citroen C5 Aircross SUV a good family car?



When the Citroen C5 Aircross SUV turned up on our doorstep, I was immediately thrilled with the look of the car. I should put in a little disclaimer here and say my knowledge (and interest) of cars normally doesn’t extend past the colour, the comfiness, the boot size, and whether or not I can charge my phone inside, Jon is the car man who looks at all the specifications in our house. But I can confirm that I was really impressed with just how stylish the car looked- it’s a very good looking car, and I was looking forward to driving it.


I loved the white colour (white or black is always my favourite for a car), but the red touches made it look extra stylish. I loved the wheels as well, and on inspection the interior was just as nice. Obviously this depends on the model you go for, but ours had gorgeous brown leather seats.

I was also impressed to see that the boot was a great size (so important for a family!) as well.


Perfect for a dog, scooters and all the other bits and bobs you need when you have three children! We are past the buggy stage with Wren now, but it is also perfect for buggies, suitcases and everything else. Considering the size of the car the boot is the biggest in it’s class- very impressive.


The Citroen C5 Aircross SUV is a dream to drive. I had never driven an automatic on a regular basis before, and initially I was nervous, but now I am completely converted. Like I mentioned above, the nitty gritty technical aspects of a car aren’t particularly something that I pay too much attention to- but of course I want our family car to drive well and be a pleasure to drive. The car stands out as the most comfortable SUV in it’s segment thanks to two exclusive Citroen innovations- suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions and also it’s Advanced Comfort Seats.

The car also has 19 driving assistance aids (which are fantastic- things like Grip Control with Hill Descent Assist, Reversing Camera, Park Assist and Driver Attention Alert), which are fantastic and so useful (I have never seen anything like that in a car before).


Whether it’s on a short journey or a long one, the car is comfortable and smooth to drive. I take my daughter Maddie up to London for football a couple of times a week- and it is always a pleasure to drive.


The interior is by far my favourite part of the car. First up the car looks incredibly stylish inside. Our particularly model has a stunning panoramic sunroof (which can also open), which makes driving it a pleasure both on the sunny days and the grey ones- it fills the car with natural light.

But my favourite part of the car is the drivers display and entertainment system. It has an electronic pedometer and a fully customisable electronic drivers display, which you can configure in a variety of ways how you want it.


The entertainment system is by far the BEST I’ve experienced in a car. It has a fantastic display for navigation and music. You can link up your phone to experience your own music, and can even hook up music apps like Spotify- meaning driving long journey’s is a pleasure (nothing beats popping on some tunes and singing along in the car and I have such happy memories of doing this with my kids on long drives).

There are also heated seats on the two front seats (and a massage chair on the drivers chair which we only found out about just as we returned the car) which are a DREAM in the winter.


There is even a charging plate to charge your phone, which is both genius and so handy (although there are USB points if your phone doesn’t have a wireless charge).



There are a number of things that make the car stand out for me as being a fantastic option as a family car. Firstly and most importantly is the comfort factor- after all we are often in the car with our children a lot, ferrying them to various activities and social events, or going on long journeys. The car is comfortable and has plenty of space for a growing family, what with the large boot capacity which I mentioned above.

The three seats in the back also move independently of each other- meaning that everyone is relaxed and comfortable. There are two ISOFIX points on the rear seats as well, and lots of space in the back as well.



I thought long and hard about this one because I want to give a balanced review, but in all honesty there isn’t much I’d change about the car. I absolutely loved driving around in a brand new car for a few months, especially one as stylish and comfortable as this. I think if I had to change anything (which isn’t necessarily changing it but just adding to it) I would love for Citroen to make a seven seater version of the C5 Aircross. I know they do larger cars in the fleet, but there isn’t much I would change about this one, however as a family of 5 there is often small occasions where our kids might have a friend over, or we might need to give one of our family a lift, and for that reason as our full time family car in an ideal world we would typically have a seven seater.

This is only really an issue if you have three kids like us, or do take other people in your car on a regular basis, we have had five seats before and when we did have a seven seater we rarely used the extra seats- but in an ideal world Citroen would make a seven seater version too.

I asked Jon my husband as well just to give a balanced review whether there is anything he would change and he just said that it takes a couple of minutes for the computer systems to boot up. It’s not a huge issue, but can be a bit slow if you want to get on the road quickly in terms of putting in the sat nav details or turning the heating on as an example.



Overall the car has been a pleasure to drive and use over the last few months. It’s perfectly suited to busy family life and we’ve all very much enjoyed driving around in it. If you are looking for a car in this price point that looks stylish and sophisticated, but is also packed full of technology and is comfortable too- then I would definitely recommend looking more into the Citroen C5 Aircross SUV.


NB: We were working with Citroen over the a few month period testing out the car and as such were loaned the car for this purpose, but all words and opinions are entirely my own.


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