Life • September 19, 2016

I’m Working with Pampers, Their New App and Some Photos I Adore…

Even though I have been writing this blog for over five years now, I still feel incredibly honoured when brands get in touch asking to work with me, it’s a dream come true. I, like a lot of other bloggers, get a lot of emails which in itself is incredible, but I won’t just work with anyone, unless I really feel I can get behind the brand, especially when it comes to long term partnerships. A few weeks ago Pampers got in touch with me asking me if I wanted to be on their brand panel and become one of their ambassadors for a whole year- to me that is a really big deal but one I was really happy to accept. So I am excited to announce that as of today I am on the Pampers Baby Board!

Pampers is the first brand that I think of when it comes to nappies, in fact I think in all honesty if you asked any mum in the UK, young and old, to name the first nappy brand that comes into your head I would assume that most of them would say Pampers. It is a brand that my mum used with me and it really is a brand that I truly am happy to become a part of. I have used Pampers with all my children, although I must admit that occasionally I will be tempted away by cheaper alternatives and offers, I will always come back to Pampers because they genuinely are the best in terms of absorbency and quality. Did you know that 25 million babies in over 100 countries wear Pampers nappies every day? I find that mind boggling!

Over the course of the year I am going to be regularly chatting about all things Pampers and I am really excited about it. But first of all today I am going to be talking about their brand new app that has literally only just launched. The app is a new initiative by Pampers and is an exciting new Pampers Club reward app, where for every £1 you spend on Pampers nappies and wipes, you’ll receive 10 #pampersclub points. Keep collecting the points and you can put them towards rewards- things like money off nappies and wipes, toys or even magazine subscriptions.


How it works is that you keep your receipt from your shopping, scan it into the app and it will automatically recognise when you have bought Pampers. You can then start watching your points grow. It’s as easy as that. I have been a Pampers Club member for years and it automatically recognised my log in when I signed in for the first time, or you can sign up via the app or by registering here.

What’s more if you are one of the first people to download the app between the 19th and 23rd September you’ll receive double bonus points, that’s 1000 points! It’s really simple and definitely worth having- after all we change our babies nappies up to ten times a day, so we may as well get rewards for doing so too!  Also make sure you check out #pooface as that is Pampers hashtag for all things nappy related.

I genuinely am really excited to be a Pampers ambassador for the year and I feel really passionate about helping promote a brand that has been a big part of our family for over five years now. Our baby boy is going to be in nappies for a fair while yet, so it couldn’t come at a more perfect time for us. To celebrate we decided to have a little photo shoot together the other day when his big sisters were at school- I absolutely just LOVE every single one of these photos. He is such a chilled out, happy and sweet little thing and I am relishing every single second with him. He’s at the perfect age to photograph as he keeps so still and is so smiley (he’s sat in a Bumbo here- he’s not sitting up yet) and I think we are both going to have a lot of fun being on the Pampers baby board this year!

babybird_sept16_a babybird_sept16_b babybird_sept16_c babybird_sept16_d babybird_sept16_e babybird_sept16_f babybird_sept16_g babybird_sept16_h babybird_sept16_i babybird_sept16_j

NB: We are working with Pampers over the course of the year, but all words and opinions are entirely my own.

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