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Holiday’s are Coming…. A Festive Evening out with Coca-Cola GB (AD)

Like many families, Christmas is our favourite time of the year. There is absolutely nothing better than the countdown to Christmas and experiencing it through the eyes of your children. We have a fair few Christmas traditions that we love to do with the kids throughout December, ranging from having our annual festive day and putting up the Christmas tree, to watching festive films all snuggled up with the tree lights twinkling in the background.

When I was young there were always two things that would make me feel like Christmas was on its way. The first was heading off for a drive with my Dad to see if we could spot the best Christmas lights (a tradition that we now do with our little ones), I still remember driving around our neighbourhood with him, listening to festive tunes and shouting in excitement when we saw a house that was particularly ‘dressed up’. The other was when you heard the Coca-Cola advert for the first time. Seeing the red truck and hearing the jingly music always made me feel like it was the start of the countdown to the best time of the year.

We were really excited the other day to hear that the iconic Coca-Cola truck was on tour and heading to a town relatively near us. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that over the last few months we have been working with Coca-Cola Great Britain as part of their Parent Panel, where we are learning more about recycling and their sustainability mission, to achieve a #WorldWithoutWaste. I have felt so honoured to have been working with them as Coca-Cola is one of my favourite brands (and Diet Coke is ALWAYS my drink of choice), so what better way to end the year than a trip to see one this iconic festive treat in the flesh?

So, one cold and rainy Wednesday evening we headed off wrapped up warm in coats and hats, ready to feel  truly Christmassy….

We had such a lovely time visiting the Coca-Cola truck. The girls were in their element looking at all the pretty lights and they especially enjoyed the fake snow – with that and the Christmas songs playing in the background it felt truly magical. Look at the happy smiles on their little faces

It was such a nice evening and best of all it didn’t cost a penny- it was a nice, fun family activity that we all really enjoyed. The Coca-Cola truck is going to be visiting a total of 24 cities up and down the country in total- thought December – while you are there seeing the iconic truck up close, you can explore Coca-Cola’s winter wonderland, take a festive selfie and enjoy a small can of your favourite drink – whether it be Coca-Cola original taste, Coca-Cola zero sugar or Diet Coke.

Jon and I got to have a free drink as well, (I had a Diet Coke of course and Jon had a Coca-Cola zero sugar), and I was impressed to see that Coca-Cola was continuing it’s #WorldWithoutWaste messaging and mission by having various recycling points throughout the truck area. I also learnt that Coca-Cola is working closely with local councils and waste collection agencies to coordinate litter collection at every location, to ensure as many cans are collected and recycled as possible.

Did you know that Coca-Cola’s aluminium cans contain around 42 percent recycled aluminium and are 100% recyclable? Coca-Cola is continuing to work to recover all its packaging in the UK so that none of it ends up as litter in our streets or oceans. This forms a key part of its global ambition to achieve a #WorldWithoutWaste – something we have been trying to achieve as a family too.

We had such a lovely festive evening and a great time visiting the truck – I loved getting to see something, which has been very much a part of my Christmas countdown since I was a little girl. I would definitely recommend a visit if you can squeeze one in, it definitely made me feel all warm and festive inside. Right at the start of the project I said that while we do our bit in terms of recycling, we certainly could do more, and I really wanted to educate myself and our children more about the importance of recycling. So far, this project has really opened my eyes as to how much can be recycled. Doing this partnership with Coca-Cola Great Britain has given me a desire to really think about what we are doing as a family in terms of recycling and we have already made a fair few changes in our approaches to recycling as a family. It’s been an honour to work with one of my all-time favourite brands, while also learning more in the process.

Thanks so much to Coca-Cola for working with us over the last few months, it really has been an honour.


NB: I am working on a paid partnership with Coca-Cola Great Britain but all words, opinions and content are entirely my own.



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