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A wonderful stay at Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa

As my children are growing older (sob) I have found myself both finding and seeking a little bit of me time. In those glorious, all consuming, exhausting newborn days you wonder if you will ever have time to even have a hot shower or read a page of your book again, let alone actually leave the house alone and spend some time just being you. Because as much as being a Mum is the best thing that has ever happened to me, certainly as my children are growing I find myself wanting to be me again. Not just me the Mum (which still is the best title ever), but me, the me who likes fashion, or the me who likes reading, or just me who likes chatting with friends and escaping from reality a bit.

Certainly now Wren is two I can escape for a little bit and not desperately sob into my pillow/worry what about what will happen when I am gone. I am very lucky in the respects that Jon will happily (as long as it not too often!) hold the fort while I go and do something for me, even if it is very rare. So a few weeks ago when I got an email asking me if I wanted to come and spend the day at Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa, I knew I wouldn’t have to think twice.

Set in 123 acres of beautiful Surrey woodland, Pennyhill Park is a 19th century country house offering an array of individual experiences to discover, it’s part of the Exclusive Hotels and Venues portfolio and home to the 2018 Residential Spa of the Year- and myself and my utterly amazing friend Lara couldn’t wait to experience their Retox Spa Break (You can also do a Detox Spa Break too)

The Retox Spa Break is a one-night stay for two in one of the hotel’s Cosy Room’s, where you get a bottle of Tattinger Brut and a face mask on arrival. You then have access to the hotel’s spa facilities, whilst also choosing two 60-minute Retox treatments, carefully selected to help you really indulge; such as the Gold Facial or the Energizing Massage. Afternoon tea is also included, with a glass of sparkling wine to accompany some homemade delicacies, and finish with a dinner at the award-winning Brasserie. You also complete your stay with a delicious breakfast in the morning before you check out.


First Impressions

My first impressions as I turned into the long, winding driveway of Pennyhill Park were quite simply ‘wow’ and I imagine that there is yet one person to arrive and not feel the same. Set in beautiful Surrey woodland, with stunning pink flowers lining the driveway, it was quite simply breathtaking. I met up with Lara who had arrived just before me and we checked into room with reception, although it wasn’t ready so we headed straight for the spa.

Luckily we picked an absolutely gorgeous day to be there, with the sun shining. The pool looked so inviting as we walked up to the spa entrance, we couldn’t wait to get our robes on and get out there. But first we had a little walk around the spa. I was really impressed, not only was there a lovely outside pool area with jacuzzi’s but also a large indoor pool as well. There was also lots of cabins of differing temperatures, humidities and aromas, as well as experience showers and relaxations rooms. It was all so clean, so relaxing and so inviting.


As it was such a lovely day we spent our first few hours just relaxing and chilling around the pool, it was such a nice day and it seemed a crime not to spend it outside. When we were lying there in the sunshine chatting and relaxing, it honestly felt like we could have been abroad. We also dipped in and out of the inside experience rooms as well, which were just lovely and what you would expect. We felt relaxed and it was so nice to have a catch up. I love a spa day, but as a busy Mum to three I go on them very rarely, so it was just so nice to be there enjoying every moment. The spa was lovely and I would definitely recommend that aspect of it, there was lots of different experiences to try or you could just sit and relax chatting or with a book.

We then went for our afternoon tea which was quite simply delicious. We had a range of sandwiches, cakes and scones to try and it was such a treat. In fact it is making me hungry just thinking about it. What I loved was that it was all very chilled out, we weren’t rushing to one place or another and were just going with the flow and enjoying being there. I know it is the same with all spa’s, but it is still such a nice novelty to eat lunch in your robe.

The most Heavenly treatment ever…

I love any sort of spa treatment. In fact anything like it, from Jon giving me a massage in the evening to the hairdressers asking if I would like a scalp massage when they are washing my hair- I just simply love anything like that, it makes me relax. I will normally always opt for a massage when I go on a spa day, but when I was looking at the treatments available with the Retox Package and I saw The Gold Facial, I just had to give it a go. Described on their website as ‘Let your skin be deeply nourished in a layer of gold. Allow your skin to soak up our luxurious products enriched with caviar and pearl. Enjoy a relaxing facial, scalp, hand and foot massage and then leave with truly exquisite skin’ it sounded lovely and I really wanted to experience it.

Let’s just say that it HONESTLY was the nicest spa treatment I have ever had and I am not exaggerating. Not only did you get the facial side of things, but you also as mentioned above got a scalp, hand and foot massage and it really was so incredibly relaxing. I don’t tend to switch off much, but I truly did and I can’t remember a time I felt so relaxed. At one point I actually fell asleep (which I never do) and I managed to wake myself up, but it honestly was so relaxing that I just let all my thoughts go and enjoyed it. Lara also had the same and she agreed with me that it was pretty much up there with one of the nicest treatments she had ever had too.

Our Bedroom…

After a glorious day in the spa we headed up to check out our room for the night and we certainly weren’t disappointed. We arrived to a cosy bedroom, complete with plush velvet interiors and glamorous gold wallpaper, plus a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for us (as part of the package). The views from both the bedroom and our bathroom (completely with roll top bath) were perfection, looking out on to Pennyhill’s extensive grounds. The rooms are definitely somewhere worthy of any occasion- be it a romantic evening away, a fun evening with friends or just generally to get away from it all.

Both Lara and I had to try out the bath- it was just too inviting to resist. There was also a large shower and a double sink.


As part of our spa package we got dinner in the hotel’s 2 AA Rosette awarding winning Brasserie. There was an extensive menu and wine list, for my starter I had a ham hock terrine and then I opted for the pork loin which was delicious, while Lara had Tuna loin. It was such a nice chilled out atmosphere in the Brasserie, which was perfect after a relaxing day in the spa. 

The Next Morning…

After a lovely restful night sleep (although of course we both woke early as you inevitably do when you are away from your kids with the opportunity for a lie in), it was time to say goodbye to Pennyhill Park. I had to shoot off into London to do something work related, but I left Lara having breakfast to which she informed me it was delicious. But first we couldn’t resist a lovely early morning sunshiny walk in Pennyhill’s stunning grounds. It was beautiful to wander around, take in the scenery and generally just soak it all up. 


Overall we had the best time at Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa. The venue itself is beautiful and I could have spent days there just relaxing and switching off from the outside world for a bit. The spa was heaven and it was such a rare treat to enjoy some time to myself. The treatment I had was one of the most lovely and relaxing things I have experienced in ever such a long time, and it honestly was so nice to be able to be there with Lara and enjoying myself. As a Mum I don’t tend to get a huge amount of time to myself just to relax, so it really was such a treat.

There’s no denying that the spa is on the more expensive side and personally certainly not something I could afford to do all the time, but as a one off treat for a special celebration, or more regularly if your budget allowed, it really is truly lovely. Definitely one of the best spa’s I have ever been to. We had such a lovely time and I am ever so grateful to Pennyhill Park for inviting us along.




NB: We were given a spa package for two in exchange for writing an honest review about the spa on my blog, all content and opinions are entirely my own.


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