Life • April 5, 2018

Getting behind Team England at the Commonwealth Games with NPower

As a family we are massive sports fans. Ok so I may have slightly exaggerated there when it comes to me, unless sport means sitting on the sofa eating chocolate and reading a book, but Jon and the girls are huge sports fans. Jon loves to watch any sport on television (which drives me mad!) and Mads and Lottie are fast taking in his footsteps. Mads is one of the most active little girls I know, while football is her biggest obsession, she likes any sort of sport she can attempt to play- basketball, running, swimming, cycling, you name it she loves it.

You may have noticed that yesterday was the opening of the Commonwealth Games. Hosted on the Gold Coast in Australia (one of my all time places at the top of my travel bucket list), it kicked off with a beautiful and exciting opening ceremony. From the 4th to the 15th April 71 nations will compete for medals. Now even though above I said I wasn’t a massive sports person, the one thing I love is a little bit of patriotism. I will even sit and watch football at the World Cup or the Euro’s (much to Jon’s excitement) because I really enjoy getting stuck in and cheering for our country. I love things like the Olympics even more because of the wide variety of events and sports on offer.

NPower are the official sponsor of the Commonwealth Games this year and they got in touch with me to see if we would like to help cheer on Team England over the course of the event from the comfort of our own home. I said yes immediately, knowing that my girls would absolutely love this. Mads was already so excited to watch it anyway, but we have planned some exciting ideas around the games. It’s the perfect thing to do during this (slightly rainy) easter holidays.

NPower have really kindly sent us some sporting equipment so one day next week we are going to host our own family mini Commonwealth Games, but mainly we are going to show our support for Team England by watching all the events and cheering them on from our sofa. We thought we would kick off today in style to coincide with the opening ceremony by having a Team England picnic, before settling down to watch the ceremony (Which was fantastic and will no doubt be on catch up if you fancy a watch).

My girls are at an age where they absolutely love things like this, they love a project or activity to get stuck into, but at the same time it is even better when it is something they genuinely enjoy, like sport. They were so excited to receive their Team England bits in the post (although I think we might need to see if we can get them a new t-shirt- look at how long Lottie’s is!) They are really excited to watch over the next couple of weeks, and are taking their roles as cheerleaders very seriously!

To start off with yesterday we decorated cakes with Team England colours, before deciding on a red theme for our picnic.

Such excited, happy faces!

Then it was time to settle down to watch the opening ceremony.  

I should win a gold medal for the amount of times we have to tell him to not stand near the tv. 😉

We had such a lovely afternoon watching the ceremony and getting excited about supporting Team England. I am most excited for the gymnastics and running (they are by far my favourite!), Lottie is excited for the swimming, the running and the gymnastics too, Maddie is excited for the basketball and the running (and all of it apparently) and Jon is excited for the cycling.

We are looking forward to spending the easter holidays cheering on our favourites and we will be documenting it over on You Tube, Twitter, Instagram and of course over here too.


NB: We are working with NPower, Team England’s official sponsor on a paid partnership over the course of the Commonwealth Games. However all words, content, opinions etc are entirely my own, we would be cheering them on anyway so we are doubly excited.

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