Life • March 1, 2018

An evening of Yoga with F&F

Last November I headed off to a freezing cold park in Kent to take part in a very exciting campaign. You may have seen my blog post all about it here but I was part of a very small team of ladies who ‘modelled’ the F&F new active wear range alongside Davina McCall- F&F’s ambassador. It was a really exciting day and I was so proud to have been chosen to be a part of it. The photos have been used online and in store and it has been really surreal to head into my local store and see my face staring back at me from banners. It came at a perfect time as spending the day with Davina and the rest of the team really motivated me for my new year fitness mission.

F&F is always a brand I am happy to promote and I am thrilled that I am going to be continuing to work alongside them in 2018. Last week I was invited to a rather nice hotel for a yoga class with a beautiful view and a sneak peak of the new season Spring/Summer activewear range. I was still feeling a bit under the weather after having a bug all week so I thought beforehand that possibly a yoga class wasn’t the way forward, but actually it was incredibly relaxing and I came away feeling all zen like.

The event was held at the gorgeous Grange St. Paul’s Hotel and we couldn’t have had a prettier spot in which to do yoga. The room was filled with plants which made it feel really relaxing, but we looked out on to the bustling and busy London skyline. There was something so relaxing about watching the world go by while we were lying on our yoga mats.

Lovely Davina was of course there, looking absolutely incredible in her F&F activewear. Often you wonder how such well loved people in the public eye are going to be like, but I can confirm that Davina is truly so lovely. I obviously got to know her a little bit when we were shooting the original campaign, and she came bounding up to me and threw her arms around me in a hug. I have since heard from others that her hugs are legendary… I can definitely believe it. She’s just so warm and kind with not the slightest airs and graces about her. She’s truly lovely.

There were lots of different bloggers and instagrammers at the event, all dressed in their F&F gear. I have bought many active wear pieces from F&F over the years, mainly because it is such good value, but the range seems to be getting better and better each season. They have some gorgeous, stylish things that you wouldn’t believe were from F&F let alone the price they were. I’m so excited for the new season things to come out and have already got my eye on a couple of the pieces.

With the gorgeous Vickie from @inpolife. Vickie is one of those ladies who I have followed for a while on instagram and have been looking forward to meeting. You never know whether someone is going to be ‘as nice’ in real life but Vickie is a truly beautiful lady inside and out. It was great to spend some time with her.

I had never done yoga before so was expecting myself to be about as flexible as a steel bar. But while it was a little bit of a struggle to touch my toes I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. Our instructor Abby was really calming and I really enjoyed stretching my body to get into the moves. F&F active wear is super comfy, I tend to wear mine for running, but it held up just as well during yoga too.


The photos aren’t the best quality as of course it was quite dark in there, but overall it was a really great evening. I had so much fun chatting to some great ladies and of course seeing Davina herself again. It was also great to get a sneak peak of the new range, I am really excited for it come out.

I headed off home on the train, still in my active wear as I couldn’t be bothered to change, feeling really relaxed and motivated after such a great yoga class. I was doing really well with my fitness and healthy eating, but then we went on holiday for a week and so of course I ate everything, plus we then got home and were all a little poorly, so I haven’t been particularly great the last couple of weeks. However I definitely feel inspired after seeing Davina and some of the other amazing ladies.


Thanks F&F for such a wonderful evening.


NB: I am working with F&F on their activewear campaign, however all words and opinions are entirely my own.

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