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Some Early Father’s Day Gifts…

I think it is pretty safe to say by now that I love taking photos. I have always been someone who takes lots of photos, even back at school and university I was the one who took my disposable camera out and snapped many embarrassing photos of nights out. I used to head to the 1 hour photo lab and get them printed out (SO expensive) but I loved having an actual physical memento of my happy memories.

Since having Maddie back in 2010 I have taken so many photos. As a parent you realise the importance of preserving the memories- there is that saying ‘The days are long but the years are short’ and that is never a truer statement than when you become a parent. Documenting our days out, our holidays, our extraordinary days and our never more ordinary days have just become a normal thing, and it is so easy to do it nowadays with our phone cameras being almost as good as an actual camera.

I am a BIG fan of a photo related item. Every single year without fail I will make a family album of our year- it takes me hours upon hours to do because obviously a year is a long time, but I find it very therapeutic to sit there and create my own mini masterpiece. I am also a big fan of giving them as gifts. Every single photo related gift you can find, whether that’s a mug, a photo book, a mouse mat, a calendar, or a key ring- the chances are I have given them to someone since we had children. They are perfect presents for family who love our babies almost as much as we do. In fact my stepdad joked last Christmas that my Mum didn’t need yet another thing with our faces on.

Snapfish got in touch with me recently to see if I would like to buy a couple of early Father’s Day related presents for Jon and I definitely didn’t need any encouragement to get some of our favourite memories printed out. We have worked with Snapfish before but have also genuinely used them for years to buy all sorts of different photo products, especially photo books and prints.

I decided to get him a photo book, a note book and a mug, as well as a early Father’s Day card which we used to just tell him we love him. The girls love getting involved in anything like this, so when I said we had some presents to give to Daddy they jumped at the chance. Creating gifts with Snapfish is pretty easy, they guide you through everything and you can upload photos from facebook, instagram or your computer.

Jon really loved his gifts, especially the photo book. I spent ages going through all our old photos and choosing loads of different ones of him and the children over the years. They also have templates which you can use to create really artistic books. I think it is something that he will treasure forever and the girls and Wren loved looking through it with him and laughing at the memories.

Thanks so much to Snapfish for working with us. You can also get 40% off sitewide until 30th June using the code GIFT4DAD


I love these photos of them checking out the pressies with their Daddy.


NB: I am working on a paid partnership with Snapfish for the purposes of this post, all words and opinions are entirely my own.

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