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Designing our Dream Kitchen with Wickes- Our Final Makeover (Our Old House)

When I read the email from Wickes a fair few months ago now, asking to work in partnership with us to design a dream kitchen for our growing family, I couldn’t have been more excited and it was definitely one of those things that I had to keep pinching myself that was actually going to happen. Fast forward a while, and the last week and a half we have been in the process of completely renovating our kitchen. It is finally finished, with the last accessories we bought arriving today, and I still truly can’t believe it is actually ours.

The process from start to finish was really simple. We initially went into a Wickes store and had a look at all the different ranges they had on offer, before arranging a meeting with a dedicated in store design consultant. After having a thorough chat with him, with him showing us the ranges in more detail and us discussing our requirements, he came to visit us at home and take some measurements and talk us through step by step as to what he would recommend. After that we waited a week or so before he sent us our first initial designs. We loved them but he advised us to change our original choice of tiles from a  gloss to a matt tile, before he sent over our final design. Then it was all systems go and the kitchen was booked in to start in the last week of November.

I am someone who loves their home. While I love going away, or getting out and about, I am most content when I am snuggled up and warm inside with my little family by my side. I never take for granted how lucky we are to own our own home, and over the last couple of years we have done a fair bit of work to our little three bedroom house- mainly the bathroom, our bedroom, the girls room, our study and our living room. The kitchen was one of those rooms that we would have loved to have tackled, but just were completely lacking the inspiration of what to do with it.

But Wickes guaranteed that they could help us create our dream kitchen. They most certainly have done that and more. In fact I can’t put into words just how much our new kitchen means to us. I have had tears in my eyes on many an occasion over the last couple of weeks when I have walked in there and seen it being transformed before our eyes. One rainy Monday, two weeks ago now, our kitchen fitter Jason arrived at the front door and shook our hands. And from then on, the whole process from start to finish has just been easy. Wickes have coordinated electricians, plasterers and tilers, managing the whole project, and meaning that there has been minimal stress from our end, like we have had in the past when trying to source people for different things that need doing.

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, with our living room basically housing the contents of our kitchen, but in reality it has been minimal disruption really bar the obvious. The whole process didn’t really take too long at all (they started on a Monday and finished by Tuesday of the next week) and now we are left with a beautiful, stunning dream kitchen that is perfectly our style and that we find hard to believe is actually ours.

Here are some photos of our beautiful new room…


Isn’t it amazing? I still can’t get over that this is our kitchen! I am thrilled with the range we chose, which is the Sofia White range, which is gloss and really stylish. I also love our metro tiles and our floor tiles, I made sure we got dark coloured grey grout on both the floor and wall tiles so it wouldn’t show up as much dirt.


Our worktops are a gloss black laminate and under our design consultant Simons advice we went for one that was pretty scratch resistant. I love our overall theme of black, white and chrome, with hints of mint.


When I saw this SMEG toaster on the programme ‘George Clarks Amazing Spaces’ I basically had to beg Mr E to have it. I love the colour of it and the retro style as well, it is my style completely and I think that it looks great next to the metro tiles. It was quite expensive for a toaster but I think it is an investment. I can’t stop admiring it!


I saw this banner on one of my favourite online shops ‘This Modern Life’ (I bought lots for the girls room from there) and thought it would look great in this open space that we had by the door. I originally bought it because I loved the fact it said ‘You are my happy’ but I was thrilled when I turned it round to see that it said ‘This Kitchen is made for dancing’ on the other side- talk about good luck!


I love the fact that we can alternate between the two messages- it is so cute!


In our initial chat with our design consultant, we mentioned that we would love to have an integrated microwave as ours was bulky and took up a lot of space on our worktop. We are utterly thrilled with our combi microwave/grill oven on the top and our normal fan oven on the bottom. And it is so shiny, clean and new! Eeek! Wickes advised us from start to finish on what they thought would be best for our requirements, meaning it took the hassle out of trying to understand these things ourselves!


Our sink is by a company called Franke, it is all stainless steel and glass and it looks so swish and smart!



I couldn’t buy the toaster and not get his matching friend, a SMEG kettle too! I love them so much, I am a big fan of the retro sort of style. I also love this Joseph Joseph chrome chopping board set which we bought in the Black Friday sales.


Kettle love.


A shiny new hob, all of the appliances in our kitchen are now AEG. We have had a AEG washing machine for a while now and find them really reliable.



This area was the most impractical in our old kitchen, with fake cupboards and just generally a bad use of space, so I love this new area. I love that we have a new little worktop area that we put our Nutribullet and our coffee machine on, plus we have a great deal of space, with two new cupboards and also two corner cupboards too.


We have these metro tiles in our bathroom and I loved them so much I had to get them in the kitchen too. All the tiles, both floor and wall, were from Wickes as well of course.


We love how much space we have on our worktops now, it looks so clutter free and was exactly what we wanted. It all looks so minimal and tidy as we basically have more storage now than we know what to do with. Our design consultant Simon understood our needs perfectly and designed us a space that completely reflects them.


As I mentioned above, we are huge fans of the brand Joseph Joseph, we love their quirky kitchen products, so we splashed out on a few different bits from the range. I love these knives which we got from Houseology.


I bought this little lightbox mainly to cover the immersion heater dials, but actually I love it here. I love that we can change the little message on there as and when we feel like it.


The only thing we need to get that we haven’t got round to yet is a blind for the window. But I love this little area in our kitchen, I love all the succulents and planters that I bought. I am a big succulent fan!


The greens from the succulents just add a little more colour to the kitchen.


I love this I Will Survive plant pot.


I also made this little video of a tour of our new kitchen, which shows the fantastic storage solutions that Wickes have created for us….



And there you have it, our new kitchen. I can’t quite honestly believe this is our kitchen, it truly is perfect and I love every single detail. Wickes have been amazing from start to finish- from our initial first consultation with our dedicated design consultant Simon, to the very last moment we said goodbye the fitter. We are thrilled with how it has turned out and has made us love our little home even more than we already did. I am sure that we will have many happy times and memories in our gorgeous new room.


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NB: We are working in partnership with Wickes. All words and opinions are entirely my own. 

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