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Designing our Dream Kitchen with Wickes- Part Two (Our Old House)

I still have to pinch myself that as we speak we are currently in the process of starting our kitchen installation with Wickes. I had resigned myself to the fact that after spending a fair bit of money, time and love on the other rooms in our home, that the kitchen would have to wait a while. It is at the moment by far the most unloved room in our house and my least favourite and I can’t get my head around the fact that soon it will be the kitchen we have always dreamt of.


Since my last post explaining about our exciting new partnership with Wickes, things have most definitely stepped up a gear when it comes to our kitchen. We headed off to our local Wickes store to have a first look at the kitchen ranges, conveniently this is less than a mile away. I always think walking into these big home improvement stores can feel a little intimidating, but we did it before the local team at our Wickes store knew they were going to be working with us and they couldn’t have been more friendly when they initially showed us the different things they had to offer, plus sitting back and letting us have an initial look for ourselves.


Fast forward a week or so and we took the short drive back to our Wickes store to have a first chat with our dedicated Wickes design consultant. Everyone who uses Wickes for their kitchen design will have a dedicated design consultant to help advise them. And wow we most definitely struck gold with ours! Our design consultant Simon was one of those people who made you feel at ease from the moment you met him. Friendly, genuine, not ‘salesy’ at all and an utter professional, we weren’t surprised after chatting to him for a while that he had been part of the Wickes company for eighteen years, designing kitchens for fifteen. We couldn’t believe how amazing that was and how lucky it was that he was in our local store.

Simon walked us round the kitchen ranges, it took about an hour in all, and he was utterly cool, calm and knowledgeable, especially considering it probably wasn’t every day his customers had a camera and asked to film him, plus a tired toddler with them too! First of all he talked us through cupboard designs, with designs ranging from the more traditional style Kendal range to the ultra modern and new Esker Azure gloss kitchen. Of course, being such hip and cool parents (not!)  we had definitely decided beforehand that we wanted something modern, so it was really great to talk through with an expert on what he thought would work for us.


I explained to Simon that I really liked the dark grey Sophia Graphite but I was concerned about the small size of our kitchen. He told me that he would need to see it in the flesh but often a dark colour can make a small space look even smaller, especially when I told him it was quite dark and didn’t get a lot of light. So he pointed us in the direction of the Sophia White range and explained that we could make it look quite industrial style and cool with things like dark grey floor tiles complimenting the white.




Next up he took us through all the different storage solutions that you can get nowadays and to say it blew our little minds is an understatement. Having never been in the market to look for a new kitchen, we were really impressed with what was on offer. There were such great storage solutions for awkward spaces, such as integrated spice racks, moving hidden carousel units and even pop out towel rails! We also spent a great deal of time looking at the showroom kitchens and worktops, how they were styled etc and what they looked like when they were actually up and being used.

Then it was on to things like sinks and taps, I loved the old industrial style taps, but Simon again explained that it all depended on whether we had low or high water pressure. He then showed us the huge range of appliances available as well. I explained that one of our aims was to get as much clutter of the worktops as possible, so he showed us things like combined microwave ovens and other handy gadgets. Lastly it was on to things like tiles, I explained that one of my pet hates in our current kitchen is that the floor constantly looks filthy even when it is clean as the white grout is stained. He said that a grey or darker grout was definitely the way forward and pointed out some tiles that he thought might compliment the range we liked the look of.

We came away with a home visit booked for Simon to come out and visit our kitchen, give his expert advice and also take measurements, plus feeling a lot more calm and knowledgable about the challenge we were about to embark on.

Next it was time for Simon to visit us at home. He arrived armed with brochures and also a couple of example door units for us to put up in our home to see how they looked. He spent a great deal of time going through our kitchen and it was really helpful for us to be able to point out the things that we really didn’t like. He talked us through what storage solutions might work for us and he also advised us on the most awkward part of our kitchen- the fact that our living room wall sticks far into the kitchen itself. (at the moment we have a fake cupboard there) He explained that he would be able to put a worktop in that section which was music to our ears! He took lots of measurements and gave us his expert opinion on what he would put in each section of our kitchen. He laughed when we said that we don’t use our dishwasher ever (I find washing up quite therapeutic!) and explained that he could be a nifty set of storage drawers in its place.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and after talking through some other things with Simon, we finally got to see our final design. To say we loved it is an understatement, I almost burst into tears at seeing it for the first time. It couldn’t look any further from our current kitchen and is completely our style. We are over the moon with what they have created and literally just cannot wait to get started! I already have some serious plans in place to get new accessories like toasters and things- the overall kitchen is going to be black, white and grey, so I want to incorporate an accent colour in there, I am thinking maybe green or blue, or perhaps not having one at all. I have started a pinterest board, but if anyone has any ideas on colours then do let me know!

And that’s it. The units/tiles etc have all arrived and are piled high to the ceiling in the garage. (Mr E you really need to clean out the garage!) And the fitter has been booked and will be arriving the last any day now, with things like electricians, plasterers (I finally get to get rid of my awful Artex on the ceiling!) and tilers all coming after that.

We are well on the way to creating our dream kitchen! Thanks so much to Wickes for helping our little family have something so incredibly special happen.


(You can check out our first post here.)


NB: We are working in partnership with Wickes. All words and opinions are entirely my own. 

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