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Cold and Crisp Family Weekends

I’m definitely a Summer girl at heart (although December is my favourite month of the year by far) but I’m the first one to admit there is something so lovely about the changing of the seasons. For some reason it feels to me like Autumn and Winter means more quality family time. My idea of the perfect family day would be to have a lazy morning in our PJ’s before heading out for hot chocolates and a nice long walk in a forest, then perhaps a yummy lunch somewhere. We would then come home, put our PJ’s back on and snuggle on the sofa and watch a film together. There really is something about this weather that just makes me feel so cosy and content.

Last weekend we got a real treat as we headed off to the beautiful (and I mean beautiful) Blackwood Forest in Hampshire for a night. Originally it was supposed to be three nights, but life and children got in the way. Mads had missed a couple of football games as they have been cancelled due to the rain, so we couldn’t bear for her to miss another game as it is her favourite time of the week. So rather than our original arrival day of Friday, we headed up early on Saturday straight after football.

The reason we were at Blackwood Forest was because the ever so kind people at F&F had treated us to this lovely weekend. We are Tesco shoppers through and through, we might pick things up from different supermarkets here and there if we are in different parts of town, but our weekly shop is done in Tesco and it has been that way for years. Therefore my children have grown up wearing F&F from when they were tiny babies, and I can quite honestly say that I love their clothes. They are a great quality, fashionable  (and I think the women’s range gets more fashionable and on trend every season) and above all a great price. They wash better than some of the more expensive high street shops and I really don’t have a bad word to say about them.

So when they asked if we would like some of their clothes and to head off to somewhere cosy and beautiful for the weekend, how could I say no? So off we zoomed down the M25 to this beautiful part of Hampshire. It was a short but sweet visit, but we had the best time and for once I wasn’t doing any videos which meant I could properly concentrate on taking photos. I love any excuse to get my DSLR out and spend time taking photos of my little family.

Here is our weekend in photos…

A lazy start to the morning watching the iPad. I absolutely adore their Bear Cub PJ’s, I actually bought these myself but they are from F&F and I have matching ones. (check out my instagram photo here to see what I mean) I think sadly they are out of stock now but hopefully they will get some more in soon.


There was a hot tub in our lodge so we spent no time in getting in there. We have stayed in a few lodges over the years that have hot tubs but this one was definitely in the most beautiful setting as there was nothing around except forest.

The lodge was perfectly geared up to cosy weekends as it had a couple of games, including Jenga and Scrabble. We attempted a few games of Jenga but this little boy had other ideas and kept knocking the bricks over.

I absolutely adore his little outfit. I think there are two items of clothing that make me melt when it comes to babies- one of those is dungarees and the other is braces. His little navy chinos with braces were a bargain £8.00.

After a lovely morning snuggled up in the lodge it was time to head out for a long walk. I am sure Blackwood Forest is beautiful any time of the year, but wow it is extra beautiful at the moment, with the leaves covering the ground all different colours ranging from deep red to a golden colour.


If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that my girls are pretty intent on having nothing remotely ‘girly’ in their wardrobes. They have a serious dislike for pink, or for skirts and dresses. Luckily F&F has a huge range for both girls and boys. I got them both these gorgeously soft and cosy grey ribbed jumpers which Mads hasn’t taken off since. I then got Mads some lovely black skinny jeans and Lottie some dark blue acid wash skinnies (they were a little bit big though!).

Jon is a sucker for a warm coat and he got this very cosy red padded jacket which was a bargain £35.00 if you think about how much this would cost in certain stores.

And for me, I couldn’t resist this absolutely gorgeous yellow boyfriend style coat. Every time I have worn it out since I have had people give me compliments about it, or ask where it was from. They had it in a lovely blush pink too but unfortunately it had sold out in my size when I was looking (I have just looked and they have more in stock now).

Their black Doc Marten style boots are a massive hit. They love them and I think they look adorable in them. I can’t find these online but they have had them in two different stores I looked in.

Love this one of my girls.

He’s still not walking so we rarely put him in shoes. We figure he has all the time in the world for them when he is tottering about. He does have a pair of soft sole cruisers but he isn’t very enamoured with them. I love his little navy woollen cardigan, the girls keep saying he looks like a grandad in it. 😉

I look pretty awful in this photo but I love it so much because  of the way he is looking at me.

Heading back to our lodge in Daddy’s coat as she was getting chilly. You can see just how beautiful it was.

We then headed out for lunch and hot chocolates in Winchester which is nearby. It is a beautiful city and we have visited there before. This is his ‘I’m going to give you a kiss face’ which is his favourite thing to do at the moment. It is so sweet and he has to give every one a kiss, including me, Jon and his sisters until he is satisfied and doesn’t do the face anymore.


She loves to push the buggy.

After a lovely spot of lunch in ASK (We’d all have Pizza every day if we could) it was time to head back home.

We really had the nicest, most relaxed weekend. What is it about quality family time that is good for the soul?


NB: Thanks so much for F&F for working with us on this post and sending us on such a lovely weekend. All words and opinions are entirely my own. 

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