Life • July 8, 2017

My Cheeky Boy and his Clarks Shoes

I’ve written about my love of Clarks shoes a couple of times before. They are a brand which has such special memories for me as both the girls (and indeed myself!) got their first pair of shoes from Clarks. My Grandma came with me both times as she wanted to buy their first shoes just like she had done with me when I was a baby too. Clarks have always offered a really special service I think, which is exactly why we choose them for our girls first precious shoes. I loved going with my Grandma and getting such a personal treatment, before coming home with a photo to treasure. I wrote about it on my blog at the time because I think it is one of those milestones that’s really lovely to remember. (Here is Mads first shoes post and here is LL’s).

We worked with Clarks a while ago and the photos I took are some of my most recent favourites. Clarks got back in touch with me again recently to see if I wanted to try out their new milestone moments project where you can get a little personalised animation of your child’s first shoes that you can keep forever. I had a look at the email and realised that the project was in partnership with the lovely Cheryl Rawlings. If you are on instagram I am pretty sure you will have heard of Cheryl, but she is an incredibly talented illustrator.

I first discovered Cheryl on instagram a few years ago, just by chance. I got in touch with her and asked her to make me some prints for the hallway of our old house. Again (because I document our whole life!) I actually wrote a blog post all about them as I was so thrilled with them. When I found out she was working on this project with Clarks I was so excited, I couldn’t think of a better partnership. And even more excitingly the mini milestones animation is absolutely gorgeous.  All you need to do is send a photo of your child over in their new shoes (head to the Clarks Kids FB page for more details) and they will create it for you. I love the little video they made me so much, it takes advantage of Cheryl’s gorgeous illustrations and is a really lovely way of celebrating such an important milestone for your baby.

I just love Clarks for how they’ve managed to retain that personal and lovely touch even after all these years. After all it is a really exciting and special time for parents, going in to get their baby’s new shoes and it is a milestone that should be cherished and treasured. I absolutely love working with them too.


We had lots of fun taking some photos in order to get a photo for our little animation. This boy is just at such a gorgeous age, he is still very baby like compared to others his age, but is also on a quest to learn and explore. He isn’t walking yet, nor is he standing on his own (he was propped against the wall with Jon just out of shot so I could take that photo) but he is loving cruising around the furniture and crawling around everywhere when we go outside. His little Clarks ‘shandals’ are perfect as it means he doesn’t get dirty feet as he goes about his mission to cause mischief.

I really love all these photos…


NB: We are working with Clarks to promote their first shoes, but all words and opinions are entirely my own. 

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