Life • November 20, 2017

You can’t beat photos for Christmas

If there is one gift that you can guarantee the whole family (I’m talking my mum, dad, grandparents, Jon’s side, my sister… pretty much everyone) will love at Christmas time then it’s a photo gift. Our sure fire Christmas present for every single member of our family is something emblazoned with our faces on. Since we had children you can guarantee if you ask my family what they would like for birthday’s or Christmas then the answer is always a photograph of the children, in fact my stepdad jokes that my mum has made her house look like a shrine to us as she has so many photos of our little family up around the place.

I may be a little biased considering one of my biggest passions is photography but I genuinely think there is something so special about printing out photos and having them to keep. When Mads was born I spent so much time printing out the photos we took and putting them into monthly photo books for her. I also did huge big thick yearly ones of all our family shots and I kept this up until Lottie was about two, but then I slowly got out of the habit as life with two children got busier and busier. I must get back into doing them though as to me there is nothing better than having a beautiful album to keep forever. I’ve always been a photo nut and our garage is full of dusty leather photo albums with photos with curled up edges inside. When I was at school and uni I was always the person who would have a camera on me, normally a disposable one, and it was the biggest treat to head to the 1 hour photo lab and get them developed (back when it used to cost a fortune- eeek).

I still think that, while social media is great for sharing, and blogs and instagram are great for preserving your photos in digital format (and if you are anything like me backed up on several different hard drives too), it isn’t the same as being able to browse through a photo album, laughing at the memories. That is why every year without fail we get our family something photo related, more often than not a photo book. When Snapfish got in touch to see if we wanted to try out and talk about one of their photo books I of course said yes because we have used them many times before and really love them. (Head to the bottom of the blog post for a code for you to make your own too!)

Snapfish have so many different styles of photo books on their website and in the past we have gone for the meatiest biggest books we can find for our yearly family photo album. But they have all different sizes and styles depending on the look you are going for. For the purposes of this post I went for the 11×8 landscape album which I am going to give to my Dad for Christmas (as he doesn’t tend to read my blog!). The best thing is the Snapfish site is ridiculously easy to use and therefore a perfect way to create a personalised special gift for your family or friends. You simply upload the photos to the website via your computer or even Facebook and instagram, and then this is where the fun begins. You can choose for Snapfish to lay out your photos themselves automatically but I think the best fun to be had is to do it yourself. It isn’t as daunting as it sounds, there are so many different layout templates and you can choose whether to have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ photos on each page (you can change this each time). Plus there are different themes, embellishments and you can add things like different colour pages and different text too.

Ours arrived and the girls and I wasted no time looking at the photos and laughing at the memories….


It is such a lovely gift for Christmas (or any time of the year for that matter) and we will be definitely ordering some more for all the other members of the family. They just need to avert their eyes if they are reading this!




NB: I am working with Snapfish on this blog post but all words and opinions are entirely my own. They also are very kindly giving my reader 40% OFF if you want to make your own photo book for Christmas. All you need to do is put in code KATIEBOOK40 at checkout.

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