Life • December 5, 2013

A Holiday With My Little Family….

There is something about going on a summer holiday.  The anticipation of packing your suitcase, picking the outfits you are going to wear while travelling, checking you have remembered your passport over and over again, and feeling the butterflies in your tummy when you arrive at your destination.

Then there’s the feeling of the sun beating down on your shoulders, the glorious smell of sun cream, the lazy evening walks down by the seafront, and the occasional cocktail or two.

There’s that feeling of waking up and pulling open the curtains with a spring in your step, a certain  feeling of contentment combined with the excitement of being able to try new activities, and of course the chance to spend so much time together.

Ordinary life is busy and hectic, but happy.  Some days pass by in a blur of mundanity- routines and structures getting in the way.  There’s bills to pay, endless loads of washing to do, a house to tidy, and work to get done.  Some evenings my husband and I will realise we have hardly said two words to each other, each busy with getting things done.  That’s life.

And that’s one of the main things about a trip away.   Being able to get away from it all.  Having the chance to reconnect as a couple, to spend quality time together as a family and to experience new things.  To make new adventures together.

But above all it’s about creating memories.

And that’s what is so magic about holidays.

We haven’t been abroad as a family of four yet.  It would be a dream come true to be able to take my family away and to have an adventure with my girls.  To be able to make memories that we will all treasure.

We would love the chance to be able to…


Kick off our shoes….


… and feel the sand between our toes.


Eat copious amounts of ice cream just because we can…


And feel the sun beat down on our shoulders.


Have a ‘moment’ on the beach while playing…


Or perhaps just ‘chill’ on a sun lounger reading a book.


Play in the golden afternoon sunshine.


And jump for joy because we are having SO much fun!


Go ‘splash’ in the pool…


Or just ‘float’ if you are a bit too little to splash!


Wear matching summer dresses and have a cuddle or two…


And maybe a naughty cocktail or two as well.  After all it is a holiday!


We would of course photograph everything, to show our little ladies when they are older what fun we had.

But the reason we would love to get away more than anything?


To have our first proper holiday as a family of four.

And create memories that we will treasure forever.


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