Life • April 9, 2020


Hey! It’s been a while. For some reason my hosting company decided to move my blog to a different server and something went wrong, which meant I lost access for a week or so. I’m back now and since I have been gone we have all gone into lockdown in the UK (and across most of the world!). I will talk about that more in a different post, but I wanted to share a fun activity I have done with the children this week.

While they are off school I really want to encourage them to be creative. As a family we are quite creative I suppose, both Jon and I are in creative jobs, and all three of our children definitely love anything to do with art, photography and using their imagination. So I decided the other day to teach them stop motion.


According to my dear friend Google, Stop Motion is “a cinematographic technique whereby the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, for example to give animated figures the impression of movement.” Essentially to put it simply it means taking loads and lots of photos to make static objects look like they are somehow moving.

You can use absolutely any props for stop motion and that is the beauty of it- the fun is in the experimenting. For our first one we decided to use Fruit Loops that we had sitting in the cupboard. We decided to make a rainbow as of course at the moment there are rainbows everywhere as a sign of ‘staying home’.


We used the Life Lapse app (I do normally use my camera but thought it would be more simple to use an app with the kids). I recommend it, it’s easy to use and straightforward, although you do have to pay for some of the extra features and to remove the watermark.



It was so easy to do and a lot of fun, and I had a lot of people ask me on instagram how to do it so I filmed a video tutorial (I’m hoping to make some more photography and video tutorials over the next few months). Here it is if you would like to learn how to do stop motion too…





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