Life • January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

I can’t believe it. I cannot believe that 2018 is behind us and today is the 1st January 2019.

We had a lovely low key Christmas and New Year full of quiet moments, family time and lots and lots of food. We don’t tend to do a lot for Christmas and that’s the way I like it really, although it somehow manages to be both manic and quiet at the same time. For the first year ever this year we woke up in our own beds on Christmas Day- we normally go over to sleep at my Mum’s on Christmas Eve even though she only lives down the road, but this year we decided it would be less hectic to wake up in our own house. It was lovely, mainly for the fact it was a lot calmer, so I think that we will probably continue to do that in years to come.

Maddie turned 8 on Christmas Eve and we had a lovely day celebrating her. We went to see Father Christmas at the Garden Centre in the morning, something which has become an annual tradition of ours, and we were met there for breakfast by some of our family and friends. Then we went for lunch with my sister and her boyfriend, before coming home to chill out for a bit, and then going over to our annual Christmas Eve/Birthday Party at their godmother’s house. Christmas Day was spent at my Grandmas for Christmas Lunch, then the following few days we hosted Jon’s family at ours. All in all it was a lovely Christmas, topped off by a relaxing but fun New Years Eve night at home with my sister and her boyfriend.

And now it is 2019. I felt it was only right to do a little post on here to say hello to the new year and to acknowledge the arrival of a new one. 2018 was a wonderful year for us, I made a little video of our 2018 highlights over on You Tube if you would like to watch it. It made me cry while I was editing it and Jon even shed a little tear when I played it to him, there’s nothing more bittersweet than seeing your children grow so quickly.

I also have a horrendous track record of making goals that I don’t keep, but I can’t pass up the opportunity to at least try and make small changes to make myself feel better. It’s the usual type of ones I inevitably make every year, like trying to eat better, drink more water and get a better balance when it comes to my time. Only time will tell whether I keep them up, but I am feeling determined and positive.

I always like to make some online goals when it comes to my work on here. I am so incredibly fortunate and lucky to be able to do ‘this’ as a job, I would never ever have dreamed nearly eight years ago that this would happen. It certainly won’t last forever, but while it does I am enjoying every minute, and I just like to set myself little targets to help motivate myself. Again these are the usual, hitting certain targets on You Tube and instagram (as while numbers aren’t important and engagement and the way you make people feel is more so, numbers I guess do matter when it comes to doing this). Also giving myself set hours to be online, so I am not doing it until midnight every evening- which is definitely not healthy.

I said this very same thing last year and I didn’t stick to it as much as I would like to, but this year I really want to concentrate on this blog. This was my first baby (after my proper first baby) and this space was what made me fall in love with the online world. I’ve been writing it for almost eight years now, and over that time things have dramatically changed. People don’t necessarily go to blogs like they did before, not when they can easily and readily digest your content and keep up with your life on platforms like instagram and even You Tube. As a result I have concentrated more on them, because of course I am going to concentrate on the things that people seem to look at more.

At the same time though I have said this many times before, but having a blog is the only thing that is yours. Instagram could drastically change it’s interface tomorrow, or You Tube could shut down next year (unlikely obviously but you get my drift) and all your hard work could essentially be lost. A blog is the only thing that you control completely and that you know isn’t going to succumb to any changes. I really want to concentrate more on here, but it is hard to fit it all in as we only have limited hours in the day.

The other thing is I still love writing. I love taking photos. They were my passions well before videos. I am brimming with ideas for my blog, I just need to somehow manage my time more so I can do it. I said it last year, but this year I really am going to try. Even if it is just two or three posts a month, I really want to write on here more. I am determined to, I have a whole list of ideas in my note book of posts I want to write.

Also I really want to have a blog refresh, I have only had this recent design a year (it was a year ago almost to the day that I changed it), but in all honesty it really isn’t as functional as I want it to be. I like the way it looks, but it isn’t particularly user friendly. Jon is going to find the time to slowly build me a blog that I love and does all the things I want it to- but I don’t want to rush into it this time, I will be taking my time and perfecting a perfect design.

And that’s it really. Just some simple goals and ideas, and some good intentions for 2019. Only time will tell if I keep to them, but I would like to start off as organised and as productive as I can. We started the year off by going to our favourite pink wall for some photos- I think this might become a yearly tradition as you can really see how much they are growing up.




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