Interiors • February 22, 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #8 A Little Hallway Makeover… (Our Old House)

I don’t know whether it’s the promise of Spring, but I have been back on the interiors bandwagon the last couple of weeks, much to Mr E’s amusement/fear.  I absolutely love decorating or styling our little home and I am always on the lookout for the next project I can be doing.  Last year was a big one for us in terms of projects- we completely gutted and changed our bathroom, replastered and decorated our living room and also gave our bedroom a little spruce over.

There are exciting projects imminent for us- we are just waiting on a couple more bits and pieces and then we are going to be putting Mads and LL into a joint bedroom, with Mads current room becoming our new study.  As I work from home and have been for a year now, I just feel I need an extra space to escape to if I need to get on with work- Mr E often lets me do work on a Saturday afternoon if we aren’t already busy, but at the moment I have to either sit on our bed (not good for my back!) or go to a local hotel- neither are ideal, and so I am excited to have a little work space for us both.

But in the meantime I decided to give our downstairs hallway a little bit of a makeover.  It’s a very small, non descript, pretty bland area and as such I have never really bothered with it before now.  But as it is the first place people walk into as they come into our home, I was racking my brains to find ways to make it look a bit more welcoming.

I absolutely love instagram for finding creative people and inspiration. I found an illustrator on there Cheryl Rawlings and I immediately decided that her prints would be perfect for our mini hallway makeover so I got in touch with her to see if she would make me some custom ones.  Way back before Christmas she made me six custom prints which all mean something special to us- I love that they are unique to us and that no one else has them and I spent ages deciding what quotes to use…

hallway makeover 10

Because the hallway is so small we decided to fill up the whole of one wall with pictures.  Our frames are the trusty Ribba ones from Ikea– we now have four photo walls in our house and every frame is a Ribba one but in different colours- I just really like the style.  It’s hard to pick up on camera but these are a grey colour which I really like as I thought black might have been a bit harsh.

hallway makeover 2

The first quote I decided on was actually one I made up myself!  I love my instagram, blog, facebook and pinterest profile- it quite simply is ‘Our life is ordinary, but it’s the ordinary moments that are sometimes the sweetest.’   Obviously this is something I am quite passionate about (hence my Ordinary Moments project) so I like that I have my own quote on the wall.

hallway makeover 4

The ‘You are the Best Adventure’ quote is one that I really love- we are a family who love to travel so I asked for Cheryl to draw a globe- plus my girls really are by far the biggest and most exciting adventure we have ever had.  The bottom quote is the only one we had that wasn’t something custom made- I had seen this one and just liked it and thought it was cute as strangely Jelly Babies are quite a big part of our family- every time we go on a long journey our tradition is to have a pack of jelly babies to share!

hallway makeover 3

This quote is actually a song lyric so I asked for little musical notes on it- it’s a song that means a lot to me because there’s quite a surreal story behind it- it was the song that was playing when Mads was born.

hallway makeover 7

hallway makeover 8

The final two prints are on the other side of the door.  I have always loved the rainbow quote and I also love the quote ‘You made our House a Home.’  I also asked for our initials to be put in hearts in the little house.

Oliver Bonas Doormat

I found this multi coloured stripy doormat in Oliver Bonas and I just had to get it.

hallway makeover 1

Modelling the new space.  I also got a industrial style white pendant lamp but I managed to cut it out the photo. 😉

Overall I am really pleased with our mini makeover- it’s not the most exciting of spaces which is why I haven’t really done anything with it until now, but now at least it has a bit more going on than it did before. Plus it has satisfied my interior urge until we do our girls bedroom and study in a couple of months time!

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