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A Christmas Bedroom Makeover (Our Old House)

It’s nearly the end of November so it is perfectly acceptable to talk about Christmas now I think. December is by far my favourite month of the year, like a lot of people, and we have lots of things to look forward to. We have my sister’s birthday on the 13th, our wedding anniversary on the 20th, Mads birthday on Christmas Eve and of course the big day itself.

I also love the preparation when it comes to Christmas, getting into the festive spirit and enjoying the countdown to the big day. But actually our house is pretty rubbish for decorating in a festive way. Our living room is a weird and awkward shape and we don’t really have any space to put any pretty decorations, we can just about get a tree in that is right next to the girls play kitchen and that we worry will topple over at any time, and I can just about get away with some seasonal scented candles, but other than that it is tricky to find anywhere to put lovely decorations.

For a long time now we have been needing a new bed. For the last six years we have had what they class as a small double in our bedroom, we got a good deal on a bed and mattress when we first moved in and it has never been the comfiest bed in the world. Most people are a little excited about getting home to their own bed after being away, but I never was as hotel room beds were always comfier. When we found out that we were having another baby it prompted us to get a new bed for a couple of reasons- firstly so we had more space for another little person in the bed and secondly because we aren’t going to convert our office into a nursery until he or she is six months, so we needed some under bed storage.

Of course, me being me, decided if we were going to get a bigger bed, then of course we would need a bigger duvet and then I decided I would give our room a little seasonal makeover.. I spend A LOT of time in bed at the moment, going to bed early most evenings due to being tired (crazy times!), so I wanted to create a little cosy haven and indulge in a bit of a Christmas/Winter fantasy at the same time.

We bought our bed from Next, where we actually buy a lot of our furniture, and I am so pleased with it. We spent a lot of time looking for nice beds with storage that we could put the baby’s clothes in the beginning and in the end decided on the Cuba King Size bed, which has four drawers on the side. We absolutely love it, it is a really nice colour and has loads of room to put his or her things while they are in our room. Bizarrely just at the time we were ordering the bed, Leesa got in touch to see if we would like to review a mattress, so that was perfect timing.

Leesa are a relatively new brand to the UK and they promise to reinvent your sleep experience. The mattress arrived in a box that genuinely is only a little bigger than my four year old and then within an hour rolls out into shape. I was a little sceptical to be honest, especially as it was a memory foam one. The only experience I have of a memory foam mattress was a horrific nights sleep at my Mums when I was heavily pregnant with LL, so I was a little nervous that this amazing mattress was promising too much. Leesa are so confident that you will like their mattress however, that they give you a 100 night guarantee.

We are about a month into our new bed and I can genuinely say that I love it. We went for a king size mattress and bed frame and it is so comfy and fits four of us so comfortably- a few inches definitely makes all the difference as they say! To go from a Small Double to a King Size makes a huge difference to our sleep. When the girls are in bed with us, I don’t feel every single roll and movement as I did with our previous creaky, old mattress, it is almost like it envelopes you and contours to your sleeping shape. Also when I am pregnant I suffer with a bad back and as yet I haven’t yet had one- which is definitely promising. I really can’t recommend the mattress enough, I finally have a bed that feels incredible to collapse into at the end of the day.

Our duvet just helps even more to make our bed feel totally luxurious- it is the Sleepwell range from Slumberdown which is so snuggly and cosy and our duvet cover is from Dunelm, it is their White Adeena Percale duvet cover, which is practically exactly the same as our old one but it is perfect as you don’t have to iron it- and we hate ironing!

I didn’t go mad on the rest of the makeover but I wanted to make some subtle changes. Previously our room was decorated in a gold and pink theme, so I just took out the pink and added some extra gold- I have all the pink bits in the cupboard and I will change it back in February I reckon, although at the moment I am loving having just gold so I will see how I feel nearer the time.

Here are some photos of my little seasonal bedroom makeover…


It was really hard to take a photo of the storage part of our new bed, as you can tell there isn’t much space either side, but it really is great, there are four drawers and even just a little extra storage makes all the difference.


We previously had the little bird cage lamp which is from Next, but when I saw this little glass dome light I couldn’t resist, it is battery operated so there is no need for horrible wires. I think it makes a perfect little addition to my bedside table. The fir cone candle is from Tescos.


I just love the little glass dome light and it makes the room really cosy.


I got this little pine cone bundle from Next and it makes me feel very festive!


Mr E’s side of the bed- the Christmas candle holder is also from Tesco (I can’t find it online!) and he still has his favourite photo of his Grandfather up. He bought me the mini Christmas Yankee Candle collection as a little treat the other day when he went out for a Daddy/Daughter date with Mads!


We already had these candle holders from Tesco, but I just bought a pack of mini four pine cone tea lights, which again come Tesco- they are so good for good value Christmas things!


I fell in love with this little set of fairy lights from Next, but will definitely keep this on all year round. They were only £10 which I thought was a bargain and are battery operated which I think is much better.


My husband made these photo frames as a surprise one birthday and they are of our wedding, which was on the 20th December 2009 so also very festive. I love them. The cushions are from a mixture of Tesco and H and M Home and I think they really add to the room.


The Joy cushion is from Tesco but is currently showing out of stock on the website. The gold geometric one is from H and M Home.


The stag cushion is again from Tesco which I also can’t find on the website and I love the one that says ‘The happiest time of all’, that is also from H and M Home.


And finally the little Stag is also from Tesco, which yet again I can’t find on the website- sort your website out Mr Tesco!


Finally my gold knitted throw (it glitters!) is from H and M.

Overall I am so pleased with our mini room makeover, I love lighting the candles at night and settling down in our new comfy bed to read my book or go on my laptop. I wanted to do it in a neutral colour like gold originally so I could change it as and when, so I love the fact that I can use all the bits I bought for winter for years to come, and then change back to our pink bits come the spring! It is lovely to have such a peaceful and tranquil space, as well as get a new bed and some new storage for when the baby comes. Although I am betting in a few months it won’t be quite so peaceful!

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NB: We were very kindly sent the Leesa mattress just at the right time in exchange for an honest review. Everything else mentioned in this post we paid full price for, I just wanted to include the links in case it gave anyone any inspiration!

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