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My Girls Shared Bedroom Tour- An Ice Cream themed room {Home Renovation Project #4}

When we moved into our affectionately named ‘forever home’ back in June one of the first rooms that we began to tackle was our girls room. This was mainly because of course moving home is quite an upheaval for everyone especially when you are little, so we wanted to make sure that we got them settled as much as we possibly could. In our old house they had bunk beds and their room was a primary colours room, but for their new house I wanted something a little more grown up and a room that could grow with them as they grew.

We decided that they would be in what was known as bedroom three, so technically the third largest bedroom out of four. It’s quite a big space and had more than enough room to fit two full size single beds in. This what was it looked like on the day we moved in.

Mads and I were talking in bed one morning and we were looking at duvet covers. We saw the below ice cream ones and instantly that was it. We both decided that ice cream would be the perfect theme for their new room, after all who doesn’t like ice cream? Once I jumped on that bandwagon it was crazy how easy it came together and how many ice cream things I was able to find. I wanted to do their room pastel colours, most specifically pastel green with a splash of pink (they aren’t the biggest fans of pink), but at the same time I wanted to make it more their style as well so I added a few black touches in to make it a bit edgier and grown up.

We decided that rather than bunk beds (our bunk beds in our old house were small toddler bunk beds) we would get them full size single beds that would grow with them and that we could move into a different room if in the future they decide they no longer want to share (we have a fourth bedroom which we use as a play room/spare room currently).

I am so pleased with how the room turned out, it’s been a slow process and we have taken our time finding the perfect things for it. The girls are thrilled with it and I think it is a room that will really grow with them as they grow. I have taken some photos of it, but the best way of seeing what we have done is via video, I have embedded the You Tube video of their room at the end of this post…

This is their room as you look from their door. It is hard to get the size of the room fully as the camera can’t zoom out enough, but the room is a really good size, especially considering both of them are sharing.

If you go into their room on the right hand corner we have made them this little reading nook and shelving area. I love this part of the room as I think it is really colourful and a great way to store all their trinkets. Eventually I am going to get them a desk or perhaps a dressing table to go on this wall, but for the moment as they are still little we got them these floor cushions. I bought them from some random online store called Homescape, but they seem to do the job. The ‘You’re My Bestie’ cushion is from Primark and I loved it cause it had gold sprinkles on it and the sprinkle cushion behind it is from Dunelm. We got the shelves from IKEA, they are the MOSSLANDA range and I think they look great stacked up like this. Their sprinkle wall is my absolute favourite part of the room and is actually sprinkle wall stickers which I picked up really cheaply from Etsy, I think they make a very white wall look a lot more interesting.

I have got all sorts of different trinkets on their shelves, that I picked up and stored over the last few months. The little ice cream van for example I found in that bookshop The Works, the little wooden house shelves are from Verbaudet, the sprinkle print is from Blossom & Bear on instagram, the pink memo board is from This Modern Life and the ‘Without Ice cream’ print is from Old English Prints. You can see more of where everything else is from on my video room tour.

I love their mint green light box which I got from This Modern Life. It sits perfectly on their windowsill which is very long as their windows are so big.

I also put a couple of photos of them together up as well. I adore this one of them at the lavender a few months ago.

Their dream catcher is from Vertbaudet and I think it brightens up this otherwise blank space. Their battery operated ice cream light is from Retro Kids and looks great on the other side of their window sill.

As soon as I saw this mint wallpaper from This Modern Life I had to get it. I just love it, it’s simple but really makes a statement I think. Their ice cream duvet covers are the things that made us get the idea about the ice cream theme to begin with and they are from La Redoute (tip-never buy full price from La Redoute as they always have offers on). They are reversible and the print on the other side is just as nice. I wanted to make them a gallery style wall and I had the idea of taking a photo of them against a pink wall near our house with an ice cream. I am really pleased with how they turned out. The prints are from all different places, the Yay print is from Doodle Moo and the ice cream banner is from Noodle Doll Nelly at Not on the High Street.


I spent ages looking for beds for them, I wanted something really simple and I couldn’t find anything I liked for ages. I found these MALM beds from IKEA and I thought they were perfect as I loved the big wide headboard, it is perfect for storing little trinkets on. I also got under bed storage drawers also from the MALM range but I haven’t put them up yet, I think I am going to put books in there.  Their little glittery garlands are from one of my favourite instagram shops Velveteen Babies and I love how one is lollies and one is ice creams. I have got so many things from there over the years. Their little bedside table is perfect for putting their bits and pieces in and is from La Redoute, but I think it might have sold out now.  Their little letter garlands are from This Modern Life as well and one pack of letters spelled out both their names which was handy.

I also got them two spare duvets from Dunelm which I thought would be handy in case of the usual emergencies. I thought they looked a little bit like ice cream scoops.

This is their room from the other side just to give you an idea. Eventually we want to replace their door with a wooden oak one like we have started to do downstairs, but they are expensive once you have bought the hinges, handles etc so that will have to come in time.

Overall I am so pleased with how it has turned out. It looks great and is such a lovely room for them to enjoy.

Here is a little video tour of their room as well which gives you a much better idea…


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