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We have this tradition in our house. It always happens around the 1st December, or the nearest weekend to that date. In fact I have written about it a lot over the years. We call it our ‘annual festive day’, and it’s the day we put up the Christmas tree. It’s the same schedule on repeat every year- we go to the garden centre and let the children choose a new decoration each (when they leave home I have this idea that I want to give them all their decorations they have chosen over the years to put on their new tree- sob!). Then we come home and put the Christmas tunes on, and we put up the tree.

I have so many memories of that day. Jon and I nagging each other about the placement of the lights, or the kids squealing with delight when they find their old decorations that they have made at school and nursery. Maddie adding the star to the top of the tree because she is the oldest. Just simple days being together. We have a big thing where every year we sit in front of the tree as Jon turns the lights on for the first time- and we always ooh and aah as though we have never seen anything so magical in all our lives.


I’ve mentioned on here before that I am a VELUX ambassador, meaning that I often write interior posts talking about our VELUX windows (which were actually bought before I became an ambassador). We have had VELUX windows in both the homes we have owned, and on both occasions they have transformed the way in which we live in our homes.

When we first moved into our new house two and a half years ago I had visions of what I wanted it to be like. I wanted it to be a space where it would all just flow well. Where the downstairs felt bright and airy without being too open plan. I love open plan living but I also feel like sometimes it is nice to be able to separate rooms so you can all have a bit of space, especially when the children get to their teenage years. I love a beautiful period style home, but Jon and I’s style is very much modern- so I knew I wanted lots of glass and more of a contemporary style.

The previous room was an old style conservatory, meaning that it was full of pvc and plastic. Not only was it not particularly our style, but it also was really impractical. The room got ridiculously hot in the summer time and freezing cold in the winter, and it didn’t have central heating, which meant that most of the time you couldn’t use it. It definitely was meant as more of a sun room to be used in the summer months with the doors open, but to us it just didn’t make sense to have a room that you couldn’t use for most of the year.

This was the conservatory before. It was fine for what it was, and was nice to sit in the summer time with the doors open, but for most parts of the year the room was really impractical.


This is our lovely new extension. The room has now become a room we sit in all year round. Thanks to the warm roof and the fact we now have central heating in there, it doesn’t feel like an add on to our house, and instead a fully integrated part of our home.

It’s the room that the children sit in 90% of the time. When they come back from school it is the first place they go to once they have got a snack, where they sit for a while and relax and watch the iPad or the television. It’s the room where Wren and I will sit in during the day when he isn’t at nursery, we have a pile of toys behind the sofa but we tend to get more down from the playroom upstairs and I just alternate them.

The thing about the room that makes it so special is that even on the very darkest, gloomy day it never feels like it is dark. The room is filled with light all year round, thanks to the VELUX roof windows and the bifold doors. On those days where it is raining constantly all day long, we like to sit in there and hear the rain falling on the VELUX windows (I love the sound of rain when you are safe and cosy indoors). It never feels dark, it always feels bright and airy. But then in the summer months, we can open the bifold doors and the VELUX roof windows and the room instantly feels like an extension of the garden. The kids run in and out all day long and we have BBQ’s and entertain family and friends. The room all year round feels like we are letting the outside in and the inside out, and that is exactly what we wanted when we began designing the space.


At Christmas however the room becomes even more magical. It is the room where we have our tree, where we have the lights that go around our large gable window at the top. During the day it feels pretty special, but at night it becomes something else. The lights reflect off all the glass in the room and it feels like there are hundreds of trees and lights in the room.

We seem to spend even more time in this room at Christmas time. Bar those lovely summer nights when we can sit up late in the garden, most of the time Jon and I tend to sit in the living room at night time. It’s where our main TV is, and the only one of our TV’s to have the usual TV channels. We do have a little TV in the conservatory extension but it only has Netflix on it, it doesn’t have anything else. However at Christmas we seem to sit in there even more during the evenings. There’s something so cosy about sitting by the tree and we will sit and watch festive with the kids or watch series on Netflix and switch off a bit more than usual.




I always decorate the rest of the house quite subtly so the focus is definitely on the Christmas tree. I tend to put a couple of decorations up in the living room and then the children’s advent calendar sits in the dining room. But bar that the star attraction in our house at Christmas time is the beautiful twinkly lights of the tree.



Everywhere just feels so cosy and simple and that’s what I love about our decorations.

You can see from the photo below just how bright the room is. This was taken about 3.30pm a couple of days ago and the light is rapidly going. The dining room is so much darker than the conservatory. The combination of VELUX windows and bifold doors just create so much natural light- I love it so much.

We just love our conservatory extension. I have said it many times before but it completely has transformed the way we live. It is the first project we did back when we first moved into our house. We kept some equity back from our previous house sale and set to work planning it as soon as we moved in. I am so glad we did it that way round first. It’s such an integral room of our home.

I probably won’t write another post on my blog before Christmas time. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas with your families and see you in 2020! x







I am a VELUX ambassador over the course of the year where I am creating a number of different posts across my social media chatting all about VELUX roof windows and how they have transformed our home. All opinions and content is entirely my own.

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